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MMA Fighter Darren Till Comments on Logan Paul Potentially Joining UFC

Published: 1/Sep/2018 0:53 Updated: 2/Jun/2020 9:01

by Virginia Glaze


Mixed martial artist Darren ‘The Gorilla’ Till didn’t take kindly to Logan Paul potentially joining the UFC.

Both praise and criticism have surrounded Logan Paul since his boxing match with KSI on August 25th. While Brendan Schaub and other fighting personalities recognized Pauls’ success, Till wasn’t having any of it.

Till published a Tweet on August 30th criticizing Paul, citing the difficulty of dedicating one’s life to the UFC and calling Logan an “embarrassment” to the sport.

“Every day is hard as fuck, every day is a little more harder on your physical & mental state. Then ye get a **** coming along like this youtuber fella thinking he can mix it in the @ufc … don’t embarrass our sport.”


Till’s comments come in response to an earlier tweet from Paul, in which he expressed heavy interest in joining the UFC as a chance to utilize his background in wrestling.

“the thought of securing a fight in the @UFC is exciting… could finally use my wrestling background… but i hear some other celebrities/athletes want to catch these hands first? ?”


While Till’s comments express distaste towards YouTubers capitalizing off of fighting, others have felt differently. Comedian and fighter Brendan Schaub had praise for the YouTuber’s ability to garner such a wide audience, stating that the UFC itself could learn from Paul’s promotional skills.

Schaub likewise mentioned the possibility of UFC executives looking to Paul as a potential fighter, citing his colorful past in high school athletics and boxing ability.

Whether Paul will join the ranks of the UFC’s fighters or not remains to be seen, but the commentary surrounding the debacle brings many takes on a conversation of bringing new blood into the ring.


Twitch streamer throws up after shouting too much

Published: 25/Nov/2020 17:46

by Michael Gwilliam


A Twitch streamer raising money for charity got a little bit too excited after a big donation came in, and literally threw up in the process.

Streamers often times use their platforms to help raise funds for causes they believe in. For WeThePeople1, this meant raising capital for the homeless in Boston.

While playing a game of Apex Legends, the streamer received a $200 donation, which put him over the $1000 mark in under an hour.

Pleased with himself, WeThePeople1 started shouting out, clearly hyped over how his viewers were contributing to the cause.

“You guys are nuts!” he screamed. “Listen, I want everyone to go f**king bonkers with the ‘gangs’ in chat right now! Everyone, go spam that sh*t.”

‘Gang’ is an emote exclusive to subscribers of WeThePeople1’s channel. Oftentimes streamers will ask their viewers to spam special emotes when their streams are popping off.

“I want you guys to spam that sh*t harder than ever! Harder than ever! Like you guys have never seen that ‘gang’ in your life and now you’re seeing it for the first time like it’s one thousand pounds of gold in front of you!” he blurted out. “Oh my God, you guys are the sh*t!”

Unfortunately for the streamer, those words weren’t the last things to come out of his mouth as puke blasted out and onto his hands.

“I just puked,” he said, holding up his arms in disgust while trying to get his headset off. “It’s all over my floor.”

After running off, the streamer returned a few moments later with some Febreze, but remained in high spirits. “This is some f***ing content, huh?” he laughed.

Eventually, however, he decided to just clean up later as he was going to need a lot of soap.

On the bright side, the streamer wasn’t deterred from keeping his broadcast going and has raised over $1100 at the time of this post.