Cosplayer Jessica Nigri shares angry letter after sending photos to fan’s mother - Dexerto

Cosplayer Jessica Nigri shares angry letter after sending photos to fan’s mother

Published: 4/Mar/2019 0:48 Updated: 9/Oct/2019 9:18

by Virginia Glaze


Popular cosplayer Jessica Nigri received a strongly-worded letter in the mail, after accidentally sending her photo prints to the wrong address.

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Nigri uploaded a photo of the letter to Twitter on March 3, in which a 67-year-old mother ranted about receiving the cosplay pictures instead of her son – who had apparently given Nigri his mom’s address.

In the letter, the mother vehemently explained that she was a Christian, and even claimed to have shredded Nigri’s pictures, as they were “not important” in regards to her son’s mail.

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“Please stop sending your extremely unappreciated pictures to my house,” the letter reads. “… Don’t send anymore of this kind of stuff to my house again! I shred what’s not important.”


Despite its angry tone, Nigri managed to find humor in the letter, and went on to state that the fan had previously complained about not receiving her prints – which seems to be explained, considering his mother’s enraged response on the matter.

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The letter inspired fans across the internet to create hilarious photoshops depicting the scene, with one user even creating an original song out of the letter (which Jessica later framed).

Nigri is one of the most popular cosplayers in the scene, boasting over 853,000 followers on Twitter and over three million followers on Instagram.

Nigri is known for her rather risque takes on anime, video game, and film characters, with her latest being a rendition of ‘Pokémon Sword/Shield’s’ Scorbunny.