Controversial Streamer xQc Gets Swatted On Stream For Second Time In Two Weeks

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is a former professional Overwatch player, and for the second time in two weeks found himself in the company of law enforcement after police raided his home, again. 

In March xQc was released from the Dallas Fuel Overwatch League team after a series of incidents that resulted in a league ban and hefty fine. 

Since his release from the Dallas Fuel, xQc has been focusing on building his stream and providing content for his many fans.

Unfortunately for the Canadian streamer, he was raided by police for a second time on May 27th during a live broadcast playing popular new game, Detroit: Become Human.

A series of Twitch clips captured the most recent incident, and the footage shows xQc say someone is at his door before he goes to answer it.

Unlike the previous police raid, one policeman with a handgun is captured on stream.

Police officer: He’s playing video games. No one behind this mattress.

A second clip shows another police officer enters the room and we hear another police officer try to explain the situation. 

Police Officer 1: He’s a streamer, so he makes money because people watch him. 
Policer Officer 2: Felix? So he’s like a YouTuber?
Police Officer 1: Hmm. Something like that, he talks into here (points to the microphone).Look at all those people talking to him (points to twitch chat).
Police Officer 2: That’s probably why he was yelling. 
Police Officer 1: Pissed off, yeah. That’s how he makes money.

Calling law enforcement about an imaginary hostile situation is commonplace with many high profile internet personalities. 

Fortunately, xQc seems to be okay after this latest swatting incident. 

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