xQc frustrated after police show up at his home again

xQc Sidemen Charity MatchTwitch: xQc

Prominent Twitch streamer xQc was left visibly upset after learning that police had shown up to his second home yet again after they’d already been called to that same house the night before.

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been undergoing a slew of eyebrow-raising incidents over the past several weeks.

Recently, the streamer abruptly ended a live broadcast, implying that his ex-partner, Adept, had entered his house without giving him a heads-up.

The ex-couple have been undergoing a separation for the past several months — a breakup rife with court orders reportedly preventing xQc from speaking out about their split on stream.

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That’s not all; on June 7, xQc posted a shocking video to Twitter where he sarcastically said he “loves owning a nice house and being able to live in it peacefully.” Near the end of the video, a police car could be seen with its lights flashing outside his home, as well as a police officer standing out front.

xQc says police showed up to home again after visit the night before

Things didn’t calm down for the Twitch streamer, though. The very next day, xQc claimed that law enforcement had shown up to his second home yet again — but this time, he wasn’t too keen on going over to investigate the trouble.

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xQc broke the news while watching Summer Game Fest during a broadcast on June 8. “Dude, the police are at my other f*ckin’ house again,” he said. “I don’t give a f*ck. I’m not doing anything. I don’t care what happens anymore. I don’t give a f*ck anymore.”

It’s clear that xQc has had enough of the drama, although fans aren’t exactly sure about what’s going on at present.

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This latest news comes after Adept posted several photos seemingly taken with xQc shortly after he posted his Twitter video showing the police car. In the pics, fans could spot xQc, as well as Adept’s hand wearing a ring.

adept-instagram-story-xqcInstagram: adept
Adept posted a series of photos showing off a ring and seemingly taken with xQc as he slept.

xQc seemed to claim that he’d slept over at the house after getting a call from someone “pleading for safety” because “cars were going around the house.” This is, presumably, when Adept took those photos, which she posted to Instagram.

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That’s not all; xQc later implied that Adept had stolen his baby pictures and other “important old stuff.”

Although it’s not certain if Adept is behind any of these occurrences, the events certainly seem to be taking their toll on xQc, who has opened up to his fans about the incidents in several social media posts and streams.

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