CoD streamer humiliated as angry dad rages in and shuts down stream

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While streaming the Modern Warfare beta, Twitch streamer ‘foreal’ had his Call of Duty broadcast shut down abruptly after his father came in raging.

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Almost everyone at some point has been scolded by one of their parents when they were growing up, whether it was for failing to do chores, getting homework done, or trying to stay up too late.

In a totally relatable moment, foreal’s Twitch stream was ended early after his father forced him to shut down the broadcast without sparing him from the humiliation of being told off in front of viewers. 

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Angry father ends son’s Twitch stream

The Call of Duty streamer had left his stream to talk to his father, when he re-emerged and said, “Alright later, boys! I’ll be seeing you, okay?”

As the boy went to turn his stream off, his head suddenly snapped towards the door out of panic. “Dude, stop! Dad, do not!” he exclaimed, breaking off as he tried to cover up his camera with his hand. 

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Then like the sound of loud thunder, the streamer’s dad screamed “Are you fucking kidding me!? Shut the stream…” before the audio cut out.

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While it’s unclear what got the father so angry, the teen’s broadcast was pushing to five hours long, so perhaps he had been told previously to end the broadcast and refused to, or maybe it was it was a school night. Either way, he wasn’t having it.

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Regardless, the situation made for an awkward end to his stream. While embarrassing, the streamer has over 2,000 followers, which is impressive at his age, and given the fact that fellow teen Bugha won $30 million at the first ever Fortnite World Cup in July 2019, it’s not unsurprising that more youths want to pursue careers on Twitch.

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Not the first time a stream has been ruined by a parent

During a July 21 stream, Twitch streamer ‘Astro’ had his broadcast hilariously interrupted when his mother walked in on him playing the music game ‘Beatsmaps’.

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The anime rhythm game features a community created level which includes NSFW imagery, and the streamer’s mom decided to walk in at the worst possible time.

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While the moment was embarrassing for the streamer, we’ve all been there. If nothing else, this proves that parents don’t care whether you are with a group of friends, or streaming for thousands on Twitch – if they’re mad, they’re going to let you know.

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UPDATE 11:47AM PST SEPTEMBER 21: ‘foreal’ has since provided more details on what provoked his father’s rage, and spoke about what happened during his September 21 broadcast.

The streamer revealed that in excitement over being gifted 100 subs, his celebration was a little too loud, resulting in his dad rushing upstairs and forcing him to cut the stream.

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