CNN’s Mary Ham responds to memes of “killing” PewDiePie’s Gloria Borger

Eli Becht
PewDiePie - YouTube

The “real” Mary Ham responded to accusations that she murdered the former host of Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg’s Pew News segment Poppy Gloria.

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Avid watchers of PewDiePie know he runs a segment on his videos called Pew News, where he will take a look through the drama in the YouTube community and do his best to not give his opinion.

The show was usually hosted by Poppy Gloria, someone who is definitely not PewDiePie, but fans were shocked when they heard Poppy had been murdered and she was being replaced with Mary Ham.

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PewDiePie revealed the shocking details of her death in a video on May 27. He says she was found dead in her apartment, which just so happened to be a cardboard box.

“We don’t know yet who’s responsible but we do know I was the last person seen with Poppy Gloria alive,” Mary Ham aka PewDiePie said.

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It has become a meme in his community for viewers to wonder what actually happened to Poppy Gloria, and if Mary Ham did indeed murder her. 

As it turns out, there is a real Mary Ham and she is actually a journalist for CNN. She responded to a fake tweet, confirming she does know about the meme.

“Who is Poppy Gloria and why do I keep getting death threats from random strangers?” read the fake tweet. The real Mary Ham said that this isn’t a real tweet, but that she is aware of why it’s happening.

“I know exactly why people are tweeting me about Poppy Gloria, and though I am more dangerous than I look and occasionally foolishly underestimated, I’m not *that* dangerous,” she said.

Who did kill Poppy Gloria?

At this moment, there’s no telling what happened to Poppy Gloria and we may never learn the full story.

The best thing fans can hope for now is for the Mary Ham hosting Pew News currently continues to do a good job, and makes us forget all about the previous host.