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Castro1021 finally responds to Dr Disrespect’s FIFA 20 challenge

Published: 20/Sep/2019 8:21 Updated: 20/Sep/2019 8:46

by Matt Porter


Popular FIFA streamer Edwin ‘Castro1021’ Castro has finally responded to a hilarious roast from fellow PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite dominating his rotation as he hunts for wins in the battle royale titles.

He surprised fans back on September 13 though with his incredible skill on FIFA 19, beating an opponent so severely that they rage quit, before turning his attention to Castro1021, asking him if he was “busy opening packs” instead of taking him on.

Instagram: Castro1021Castro1021 is one of the most popular FIFA streamers in the world.

During his August 18 stream, the 28-year-old finally responded to the burn from the leader of the Champions Club, making it clear that he didn’t intend to back down from The Doc, and challenging him to a FIFA match.

“I got freaking Dr Disrespect over here disrespecting me,” shouted Castro1021 to his audience. “Telling me that all I do is open packs! I mean, you’re not wrong, but you didn’t have to say it Doc! He’s just jealous that my mustache is better than his, and I got real long hair. Luscious!”

“Yeah, he might be seven feet tall, but it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight… Fuck, it kind of is about the size of the dog in the fight, dammit! Listen, I’m going to call out The Doc. I’m going to whip his ass in FIFA. He’s not going to know what to do or what to say. He’s going to make another excuse like he does on every other game that he plays!”

When the epic showdown between the FIFA YouTuber and Dr Disrespect will take place remains to bee seen, but fans of both creators will surely be excited to see the pair take to the virtual pitch to find out who is the dominant player.

While many may have predicted a landslide Castro1021 victory in the past, The Doc has shown he clearly has a knack for the game, adding even more hype to their proposed match.


Grand master Hikaru challenges Obama to chess match on Twitch

Published: 21/Oct/2020 17:31

by Michael Gwilliam


Chess GM Hikaru Nakamura has issued a challenge to former US President Barack Obama to play a match on Twitch after the success of Alexandria ‘AOC’ Ocasio-Cortez’s Among Us stream.

Like many, Hikaru, who recently became a member of the esports organization TSM, was watching AOC’s legendary Twitch stream on October 20 where the congresswoman competed against Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo.

Over 420,000 people tuned in to watch the groundbreaking broadcast, prompting Hikaru to take to Twitter in an effort to get in on the sensation of politicians playing games on Twitch.

“Hey Barack Obama – I see AOC on Twitch tonight doing a promotion for voting and playing Among Us with some huge streamers,” the chess GM began, tagging both Obama and Cortez. “Any chance you’d be interested in a chess match to raise funds for the Joe Biden Victory Fund and Act Blue?”

The response to Hikaru’s challenge was mixed by his own followers, with some wondering why the streamer would engage in politics.

“How the f*** do I follow you for chess and I see politics?” one concerned user asked. “I’m surprised as well,” another replied in response.

However, not everyone was down on the challenge. Many of Hikaru’s followers were open to the idea and quote-tweeted the chess GM to encourage the match.

tsm chess hikaru nakamura
Hikaru signed to TSM proving chess is an esport.

“Nakamura challenging Obama to a chess game? Wow, this election is getting truly exciting,” one follower wrote with glee.

So far, however, the forty-forth president has yet to reply to Hikaru’s challenge publicly. It is possible that Obama decided to simply slide into Hikaru’s DMs to organize the match, so we should wait and see how this unfolds.

If the battle between Hikaru and Obama does end up taking place, it will be super interesting to see what kind of numbers it would pull on the platform, especially given the recent success of AOC’s stream.