Cashier divides TikTok over allowing customers to steal while on break

Kawter Abed
convenience store cashier

A cashier has left viewers divided, after claiming in viral TikTok that he lets customers steal while he’s on break.

The convenience store worker, who posts under the handle stresseddepressed01, shared a video claiming he doesn’t care when customers steal from the store since he only earns minimum wage.

The viral TikTok clip, which has over 800,000 views, shows the worker walking around his job in uniform pretending to see someone stealing and letting them go. 

“Me noticing someone in the store stealing on my 14th self given smoke break,” the TikToker wrote in text over the video. The lyrics “If you want it, take it” from Ariana Grande’s song ‘Break Free’ plays in the background. 

“Thats on working minimum wage,” he captioned the video.

Viewers flooded the comment section, as they debated whether low-paid retail workers should be expected to confront shoplifters.

TikTok viewers react to cashier letting customers steal

“To be fair, you really shouldn’t risk your safety to stop them. You rlly don’t know what ppl are capable of so, valid” one viewer wrote, siding with the TikToker.

“Same I’m not chasing anyone for 12 an hour are you fr” another viewer added. “I’m not the cops baby i jus work here,” someone argued.

Other workers shared their own experiences dealing with shoplifters.

“Guh someone tried to rob me at Burger King and Before he said “give” I layed the safe keys on the counter with the register open and left” a cashier shared.

“Used to yell at the coworkers that would chase them like babe you rlly tryna catch hands for min wage? Ppl b strapped no thank u” someone else commented.

Others said they don’t care if people steal from big companies.

“If you see someone stealing from a big company, no you didn’t,” one viewer wrote.

It is generally standard for retail stores to discourage workers from stopping shoplifters in stores due to safety concerns. Many big companies have even fired employees for going against policies instructing workers to not confront shoplifters.