Calfreezy reveals intimidating DMs from James Arthur after Sidemen beef

by Jacob Hale
Instagram: calfreezy, jamesarthur23


UK YouTube star Callum ‘Calfreezy’ Airey has revealed the intimidating Direct Messages he received from X Factor winner and platinum recording artist James Arthur, after the singer’s beef with the Sidemen.

The clash first occurred ahead of KSI’s highly anticipated boxing match against Logan Paul in November 2019, prior to which KSI released his first single from his upcoming album, which featured some of the biggest names in hip-hop in Rick Ross and Lil Baby.

James Arthur didn’t take kindly to the fact that KSI had such big names on his track, saying that he must have paid “$150k” for the Rick Ross feature, and went on to show support for Logan Paul during fight week.

Instagram: calfreezy
Calfreezy is extremely close to the Sidemen, and even lives with member Wroetoshaw.


One of the biggest people Arthur took an issue with in the ensuing Twitter beef was Calfreezy, a close friend of the Sidemen, who called the arena-touring artist a “wetty,” UK slang for someone who is boring or overly emotional.

Now, Cal has revealed the threatening DMs he received from Arthur amid the beef, though he seems a little more amused than worried about what was said during his appearance on JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast.

Reading the message, he said: “The state of you. Stop acting hard. You’re just trying to get a cheap laugh off of kids. Aren’t you, like, 25? This is between me and you, now. I’m messaging you directly. I’m not playing games, man, that’s seriously offensive.”

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The group seemed to find the messages hilarious, and Freezy said there was a lot there but it was all just “waffle” about being offended by it.

The YouTuber, who has over 3 million subscribers, said that Arthur’s showing support for Logan Paul was clearly his attempt at being a wind-up, so it became fair-game for him to win Arthur up in return.

Though there was clearly a lot more said in the message than Calfreezy reads out, he clearly thinks it’s not anything worth worrying about and was making jokes about it throughout – so maybe he didn’t take it as seriously as Arthur did.