Bizarre petition attempts to ban PewDiePie from Apex Legends for no reason

Calum Patterson

A petition that wanted YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg banned from battle royale game Apex Legends, for no apparent reason whatsoever, has been removed from popular petition website

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PewDiePie is currently the most subscribed individual YouTuber on the platform (currently 2nd overall to Indian production company T-Series), but he is almost as controversial as he is popular.

He started his YouTube career focused mainly on gaming, and also occasionally live streams games, including battle royales like PUBG and Fortnite.

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PewDiePie’s Fortnite streams peaked at over 300,000 viewers.

But, a petition, titled simply “Ban PewDiePie from Apex Legends” had claimed that “PewDiePie has RUINED EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES! keep him away from a great game like Apex Legends!”

What makes the petition so bizarre, is that PewDiePie has never played Apex Legends in any of his videos, or streamed, or shown any interest in doing so for that matter.

Still, the creator of this protest stated that having the Swedish YouTuber play the game would be a “death sentence” for Apex Legends.

The petition made it half way to its goal of 500 signatures, before being taken down.
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Unsurprisingly, the petition did not receive much support, with less than 300 signatures, and now it has been taken down. Although does not specify if it was removed for violating community guidelines, this is likely the case.

Of course, even if the petition had picked up some momentum, it’s very unlikely EA or Respawn Entertainment would have cared. Banning the most popular YouTuber on the planet from playing your game despite having done absolutely nothing to deserve it, would be a monumental PR disaster.