Belgian CS:GO event opening ceremony is so awkward nobody can believe it’s real

The opening ceremony of the Charleroi Esports 2019 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament took place on Friday, April 12, and it quickly became one of the most awkward (but hilarious) esports moments in history. 

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Like most esports events, an opening ceremony took place to signal the start of the competition, which is being held in Charleroi, Belgium.

Those in attendance at the RTL Spiroudome, and everyone watching at home were treated to a performance that will live long in their memory, as a number of issues with audio in the arena left fans in hysterics.

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The opening ceremony quickly become incredibly awkward, but amazingly funny.
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What was the hilariously awkward moment at the tournament?

To signal the start of the €100,000 CS:GO tournament, the event organizers invited DJ Charley and Marisa to perform as the finale of the opening ceremony.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as expected, with the performance marred by technical difficulties that left viewers on Twitch in hysterics.

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Marisa walked onto the stage to perform their song Mister E Mysterio in front of a largely empty arena, but as she started to sing, the backing track could be heard stuttering, causing her to lose her place in the song.

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After a couple of attempts to keep going, Marisa eventually gave up, stating there was a problem with her earphones before asking the DJ to stop the song. Hilariously, DJ Charley appeared to ignore her pleas to end the performance, continuing to dance and twiddle with the mixing deck unperturbed as she stormed off the stage.

The singer eventually returned and completed the performance, as Twitch chat continued to make fun of the mishap by posting lyrics from the song such as “FOLLOW FOLLOW” and “the performance was better before she came back.”

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The pair managed to get through until the end of the performance when Marisa apologized, stating once again that there were issues with her headphones, although the problems with the audio could be heard by everyone watching the stream.

Dean Brown and Harvey ‘skriv’ Rodgers, who are doing the English commentary, stated that the performance that they had seen in rehearsals was very good, with skriv clearly at a loss for words to describe what he just watched, labeling the opening ceremony as “incredibly interesting.”

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A number of well-known teams are in attendance at the event such as Vitality, G2 Esports, and, with the competition running throughout the weekend. 

The grand final is set to take place on Sunday, April 14.

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