ASMR on Twitch Has Reached a New Level After Streamer Uses Chainsaw

Calum Patterson

The trend of ‘ASMR’ (Autonomous sensory meridian response) streaming on Twitch has grown significantly over the past 12 months, but one streamer has taken it to a whole new level – with a chainsaw.

If unfamiliar, ASMR is a bit of an odd phenomenon. It’s basic premise is to relax people, giving them a tingling sensation physically on the back of the head and spine, achieved through both auditory and visual ‘triggers’.

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These triggers most commonly include whispering, nail tapping on hard objects and soft brushing noises. Some more unusual examples include smacking of the lips.

It has become popular on Twitch for a few reasons, and has become so frequent that some users are even complaining that it is flooding the In Real Life or ‘IRL’ (non-gaming) section of the site.

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Most streamers stick to the basics, and most aren’t exactly ASMR professionals, but rather follow guides and imitate others to achieve their ASMR affect.

But one streamer by the name ‘Pauldances’ has really taken it to a new level, by using a live chainsaw in what he (jokingly) labels an ASMR stream.

We would need an ASMR expert to tell us if this instrument really has the desired affect of ASMR, but it sounds unlikely given the volume and teeth-gritting sonics.

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As aforementioned, some have called for ASMR streams to be given their separate category, and if anything this chainsaw stream may help that side of the argument.

The more ridiculous and creative these ASMR streams get, the more distinct they become from what one may expect from their typical IRL content.

Thankfully, Pauldances confirms it was just a bit of comedy, a ‘parody’ of ASMR streams.