Andrew Tate claims he was “offered” Floyd Mayweather fight but turned it down

Andrew Tate Floyd Mayweather header imageYouTube: Rob Moore/Instagram: Floyd Mayweather

Andrew Tate has revealed that he was once offered the chance to fight Floyd Mayweather but turned the opportunity down.

During an interview with Rob Moore, the host listed off a number of well known and influential fights, asking Andrew Tate if he would ever consider stepping in the ring with them.

When asked if he would ever fight Floyd Mayweather, Tate was quick to respond with “no” before revealing that he had actually already been “offered that fight” and had turned it down.

“He is one of my heroes so I couldn’t bring myself to do it,” Tate began when prompted to explain why he had turned down the fight. “He’s retired and he’s small and I’m a lot bigger than him. I wouldn’t get knocked out, I’d be totally fine.”

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Tate then called Mayweather the “best boxer of our time” and that his admiration for the fighter is the leading reason he refused to go toe-to-toe.

“I love his story. I love his confidence. I love how he self-hypnotizes. Every single word out of his mouth is self-hypnosis. I love how he hypnotizes his opponents. His style. Everyone says he’s boring, he is not boring. If you appreciate defense he is the best there’s ever been.”

Tate then added that if they were to battle it out he wouldn’t be able to “bring myself to ever throw a punch.

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“I have very few heroes in the world and he’s one of them.”

In the same interview, Tate called Jake Paul “certainly the best of all the influencers who are currently fighting today, hands down.” Tate also said he’d fight the likes of KSI and other YouTube boxers but called them all “clowns”, stating that he’d beat them all in the first round.

And while Andrew Tate has no plans to step into the ring with Floyd Mayweather, there is much talk that he will be facing off with Logan Paul in the near future.