Alinity has incredible over the top reaction to “beautiful” Twitch streamer

Instagram: Jasmynnive/Twitch: Alinity

Popular Twitch streamer Alinity ‘Alinity’ Divine was left speechless by the looks of a fellow streamer during a recent stream after one viewer asked her to check her out.

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The streamer is a controversial yet popular figure on the livestreaming platform, racking up close to a million followers thanks to her gaming broadcasts.

This time, it wasn’t a battle with YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg or a viewer telling her that he had finally lost his virginity that flustered her – but the looks of another streamer, as Alinity immediately began gushing about how taken aback she was by her fellow Twitch streamer.

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ALINITY twitchThe popular streamer couldn’t believe her eyes when looking up the other channel.

What sparked Alinity’s nice words?

Alinity was starting up her March 26 stream when one viewed donated two lots of Twitch bits complementing a streamer named Jasmynn ‘Jasmynnive’ Ivette. With the second donation, the viewer asked her to check the other channel out. Alinity obliged and was immediately stunned, in a positive way, by what she saw in a highlight clip.

“She’s beautiful. Are you like Indian? She looks like she’s from India – maybe it’s her clothes. Oh my god, you are so fucking cute,” the streamer said, before dropping a follow on the channel. “You are so cute. You are so cute, she’s adorable. Holy fuck, she’s cute. Alright, I’m not creeping – oh my god. You’re so beautiful, wow. I’m ok, I’m alright – I think I need a cold shower.”

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Jasmynnive, who wasn’t live at the time, then appeared in Alinity’s chat – flustering the streamer, who asked her viewers to give her fellow streamer a follow before continuing her compliments.

“She’s in chat, throw her a follow! She’s gorgeous,” added Alinity. “You are so fucking gorgeous. No, seriously, no creep… I’m very creepy.”

Could a collab happen in the future?

Considering how complimentary Alinity was towards her fellow broadcaster, a potential collaboration could be in the offing. Jasmynnive’s Twitch content is similar to her own and the two may just be a streaming friendship perfect match.