A new Vine app could be going live very soon

A long-awaited successor to the Vine app might be hitting the market sooner than expected, according to Tweets from the original application’s co-founder, Dom Hoffman.

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Hoffman wrote that he is working on ‘follow-up’ to the famous six-second camera application in his personal time, and admitted that it will not be called ‘Vine 2’ as previously reported.

Additionally, Hoffman revealed that the program will go live for beta testing in the near future, and even created an limited call for testers in the V2 community forums on October 8.

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While there is no timeline as to when invites for the test will be sent out, sign ups for the opportunity have since ended as of October 10. Lucky users who have made the list will receive a ‘special badge or reward’ within the application for their beta testing services.

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While Vine’s return is certainly exciting, Hoffman states that the new app’s success will largely depend on its community – much like that of its famed predecessor. “Vine was 99% community and 1% the app we built for them,” he Tweeted. “So ‘Vine’ being ‘back’ really comes down to whether or not the community is there, regardless of the name or who made it.”

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Many famous personalities on the Vine app have since migrated to YouTube, such as infamous YouTuber Logan Paul and social media star Liza Koshy.

While the original application was absorbed by Twitter and installed as ‘Vine camera,’ it has since completely died off – but Hoffman and the ‘V2’ community could very well bring it back from the dead.

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