Someone tells 14 year old streamer to stick his hand in a mixer – so he does

Bill Cooney

Twitch streamer Gavin ‘1grass’ McFarlen decided to stick his hands into a moving kitchen mixer after a viewer suggested it and it turned out exactly like you would expect.

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Cooking streams (especially cooking stream fails) are popular content on Twitch, where a streamer makes or cooks something along with their viewers.

1grass is a smaller streamer, so when one of his viewers told him to stick his hands into the moving kitchen mixer, he happily obliged.

The perpetrator appeared to be a red-colored stand mixer. Brand unknown.
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Why did he stick his hand in a mixer?

Twitter user Xtinct said they discovered 1grass’s stream and found he had only a few viewers, so they decided to tell him to stick his hand into the running mixer, for some reason.

“Found a 2 viewer stream on twitch with some 14 yr old cooking and i told him to help mix with his hands,” Xtinct wrote on Twitter.

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Based on the amount of likes and retweets the video got, plenty of people found it funny, but there were also a number of people who weren’t amused.

“How’s that even fucking funny?” user JediGamer replied. “I’m a chef and I know the damage those things can do….if it’s going fast enough those things can mash your hands up easily…..not funny at all.”

“Didn’t find it funny. Trying to get some kid hurt,” another user by the name of HellzGates replied.

But, the mixing incident, as with so many odd things found on Twitch, could actually end up working in 1grass’s favor.

“I mean he seems like a good kid, but if you put your hands into an activated mixer and don’t expect something bad to happen, that’s all on you,” Twitter user DJZooWap replied. “He looks old enough to know that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Aside from that, this was funny as hell and ima head over to follow him lol.”

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Was 1grass alright?

Apart from some potential bruises, 1grass seemed to be fine after his impromptu handshake with the mixer and seems to be taking the whole thing in stride.

The streamer retweeted the video from his Twitter and it doesn’t seem like he has any hard feelings towards Xtinct for the prank, telling people on Twitter to lay off getting mad, since it was “all in good fun.”[ad name=”article5″]

14-year-olds aren’t typically known for their critical thinking skills, but 1grass seems like a good kid, so hopefully the clip works in his favor and gets him a few more followers and viewers on Twitch.