Elden Ring DLC has a new progression system to stop players rushing it

Ethan Dean
Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree screenshot

Are you worried about being over-levelled for the Elden Ring DLC? A new progression system that takes cues from another FromSoftware game might eliminate the problem.

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is so tantalizingly close and we’ve been hunting for every detail we can find on what to expect. The chief source of information is a Famitsu interview with FromSoftware President and Soulsborne mastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki.

From it, we’ve gleaned new info on eight new weapon types coming to Elden Ring and some interesting revelations about Messmer the Impaler. There is one topic we haven’t touched on yet but it could be good news for players wondering about power scaling in the DLC.

According to Miyazaki, a new progression system unique to the Land of Shadow will help to slow down the pace for the more powerful Tarnished among us. Players familiar with an older FromSoftware title may recognize it.

elden ring dlc boss
Here I was hoping to steamroll this guy with Rivers of Blood and a level 450 character.

In the translated Famitsu interview, Miyazaki briefly explained the mechanic. “You will best understand it if you imagine something akin to ‘Attack Power’ in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice,” he elaborated. “It’s something like an Attack Power separate from existing levels that is only effective within the DLC area.”

For those unfamiliar, Attack Power governs your damage in Sekiro and increases naturally as you progress through the game. Rather than Elden Ring’s traditional method of leveling up and smithing your weapons, this system seems to relevel the playing field between enemies and your character.

It calls to mind an in-built difficulty slider in which players can explore to gather power or attempt to up the challenge by forgoing any boosts. According to Miyazaki, players can increase their power by seeking out minor bosses and defeating them.

He reiterated that players may run into a challenge and think “This boss is too strong, so I’ll explore some other area and challenge them again after I get stronger”. Apparently, everyone will experience the DLC at a similar base power level from the beginning.

Elden Ring DLC Price
As if we weren’t going to scour the Land of Shadow for the kung fu scroll.

The decision was made in order to maintain the original feel of the game for high-level players and encourage exploration of the new Land of Shadow area that’s being introduced.

Of course, many players will eagerly attempt to turn over every stone regardless of this mechanic to uncover more of the mysterious lore of Elden Ring.