Elden Ring breaks into top 10 best-selling games in US history

The Tarnished in Elden RingFrom Software

Elden Ring’s commercial success puts it into the top 10 most bought games of all time in the United States.

The success of Elden Ring has been well documented. The game is on track to be considered for Game of the Year, and received rave reviews from most publications and pundits. Just read our Elden Ring review to see an example.

Now the latest sales figures for Elden Ring are in and the spiritual successor to the Dark Souls games continues to sell like gangbusters.

In their last earnings call, as shared by industry analyst Mat Piscatella on Twitter, Bandai Namco confirmed that the game has now sold over 13.4 million units worldwide, selling the majority of these in the United States. It even outsold Call of Duty and various other triple-A titles that usually shift massive numbers of copies.

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As of June 2022, when the figures were last counted, Elden Ring was still the best-selling game in the United States and in other territories. Although now, the game is ranked fifth in the list of best-selling games in the US of all time.

This places it behind GTA 5, which still holds the number one spot, and several Call of Duty titles, but there’s every possibility that Elden Ring could continue to rise through the ranks.

FromSoftware’s open-world adventure is yet to break the list of best-selling games worldwide, but after conquering the Lands Between, and now the US, chances are the Tarnished will seek to become the Elden Lord of games sales everywhere else too.

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