Diablo 2 Resurrected streamer celebrates in genderbent old-man Deckard Cain cosplay

. 10 months ago
diablo 2 cosplay
annacakelive Instagram / Blizzard

Hell has broken loose all over again with the launch of Diablo 2 Resurrected and Twitch streamer ‘AnnacakeLIVE’ celebrated the release with an impressive cosplay for Deckard Cain.

After years of anticipation, players are getting ready to face the hoards of evil once again with the remaster of Diablo 2. With the title’s classic hack-and-slash gameplay intact, longtime fans are eager to hop back into the fray.

One such person is longtime Diablo content creator Annacake who showed up to her first D2R broadcast with a Deckard Cain outfit to mark the occasion.

Plenty of audience members stayed awhile and listened to the streamer as she plunged into the remaster on launch day.

“I’m sorry for the silent stream because with my freakin voice I ruined it all,” she said after quietly starting the stream for her fans to bask in the cosplay’s glory. “I [Deckard Cain], was resurrected a little bit earlier.”

Taking requests from the fans, Anna recited plenty of famous one-liners from the Diablo franchise that Deckard is known for.

There was plenty of fanfare when the stream got off, with tons of people donating and gifting subs as soon as Deckard made an appearance.

Anna revealed the incredible makeup job that transformed her into Cain on Twitter, showing every step of the process. The streamer was really committed to the bit by wearing and broadcasting in the cosplay for seven hours all the while diving into D2R.

Deckard’s debut in D2 paved the way for one of the most iconic figures in the game, and the diehard fan absolutely did the franchise justice.

Annacake’s cosplay was one of the best surprises during the D2R launch day, and we can’t wait to see what else the community comes out with.

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