Shroud wants Destiny 2 to “rebalance” everything in PVP separate from PVE

destiny 2 shroudTwitch: Shroud/ Bungie

Shroud expressed in a recent Twitch stream how he would like Bungie to rebalance Destiny 2 for PvP, stating that he believes they should have a separate PvP team.

Lightfall has been quite the rollercoaster for Destiny 2, with a whole bunch changing both in and out of the game. Lightfall is the second-last expansion within the Light and Dark saga, with The Final Shape concluding the series as a whole. As such, many have hopped back into the game, hopeful to catch up on the story so they themselves can witness the ending of the story.

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One of the players to hop back onto the Destiny train was Twitch superstar Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek. Shroud has been streaming a fair chunk of Destiny 2 recently, even going so far as to complete the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty.

As the FPS god Shroud is known for, he obviously has taken to the Crucible to flex on the Destiny 2 player base. He’s spent a good amount of time in there and has brought up an idea for solving the issues with Destiny’s PvP balancing.

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Shroud expressed on stream that he’s confused as to why “they (Bungie) don’t rebalance this game for PvP and then just have one class or no classes or whatever.” The Crucible aka PvP in Destiny 2 has been in a rough state for quite some time now, with PvP mains feeling abandoned as Bungie moves on to focus further on the story and PvE side of the game.

Shroud went on to explain further, “they should rebalance this whole game and just have an actual PvP team, not just a PvE team that does PvP for fun.”

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Balancing both PvE and PvP has always been a precarious act for Bungie. With the sheer amount of weapons and perks in the game, it’s understandable why Bungie isn’t able to cater for both of the modes at once.

Benjjjyy, a PvP-based Destiny 2 streamer addressed the conflicted nature of Destiny 2’s balancing, and how they disagree with Shroud’s idea. They explained that what makes Destiny 2 hard to balance both PvE and PvP wise is essentially the identity of the game itself. That removing the variety of subclasses, weapons, and abilities would strip the identity of the game, all but removing what was unique about it.

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While Shroud has ideas for the future of Destiny 2’s PvP, his stint in Destiny 2 will only be a brief one, as he plans on quitting after the Day 1 Raid Race of the Root of Nightmares.

It’s uncertain what Bungie’s plans are like for Destiny 2’s PvP future, but it may be possible that down the line, Shroud returns to the game’s PvP in a much different state.