New Destiny 2: Lightfall Trials SMG has players demanding nerfs mere hours after its debut

destiny 2 strand smg titled the Bungie

Destiny 2’s newest Trials SMG, The Immortal, has taken the PvP world by storm already, causing players to demand nerfs from Bungie only hours after its release.

The end game activity Trials of Osiris recently came by in Destiny 2: Lightfall, granting players access to the long-awaited SMG The Immortal. The Strand SMG has been on players’ wishlists ever since the new power type was introduced to the player base. Now that the first round of Trials of Osiris has taken place, Guardians have finally gotten their hands on the weapon, though many are not happy with how powerful the weapon is.

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The Immortal (Adept) has become the second most used weapon in competitive PvP since release, only being eclipsed by the ever-popular IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 according to DestinyTracker. However, the adept version of The Immortal requires players to get to The Lighthouse, requiring a perfect trials card. Since it’s only been available for such a short amount of time its impressively high pick rate demonstrates the sheer power behind the weapon. With more time for players to go flawless in the future, the gun will likely overtake the IKELOS SMG in a matter of days.

Destiny 2 players have therefore taken to Reddit to vent their frustration about the weapon, particularly wondering why it even exists in the first place.

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Destiny 2 players vent frustration about new Trials SMG being too powerful

Players were sure to point out Bungie’s recent trend of nerfing aggressive frame SMGs such as Tarrabah and IKELOS. This has caused even more frustration from the community, as players are questioning Bungie’s decision to release such a powerful weapon of the same archetype at this point in time.

When looking through the perk pool of The Immortal it’s easy to see why the gun has become so popular. Firstly at 750 RPM, it’s one of the more ideal archetypes for SMGs, with the top dog IKELOS also sharing the same round-per-minute slot. Next up having Rangefinder on the weapon drastically increases its potential range. Range is incredibly important in PvP as it dictates the damage fall-off for a weapon, making Rangefinder a potent perk to have.

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And the cherry on top for The Immortal is that it can roll with either Target Lock or Kill Clip in its second column, making it that much stronger than the IKELOS. Target Lock and Kill Clip both grant the weapon bonus damage under certain conditions, meaning that it drops the potential time to kill of the weapon even lower.

Bungie is yet to state if they’ll be nerfing the weapon at this moment in time, but it seems that Destiny 2 players would rather see it nerfed now and not later.

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