Destiny 2 players baffled by ridiculous Ace of Spades cheat

Alec Mullins. Last updated: Oct 04, 2021

Destiny 2’s PVP modes have been infested with hackers for a while now, but there are very few cheats as potent as this one for the Ace of Spades, which turns the iconic handgun into an unstoppable killing machine. 

The Ace of Spades is a staple of the Destiny franchise and remains a popular choice in the game’s PVP arenas. The gun packs a powerful punch in its six-round chamber and features a respectable 140 rounds-per-minute fire rate.

While it already sits towards the top of the mountain in terms of pick rate, its potential is elevated much higher when a cheat ramps the fire rate up over four times the intended speed.

This clip over on the Destiny 2 subreddit shows just how devastating the gun is when it gets uncapped.

Destiny 2 Ace of Spades Cheat

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris

In the middle of an Iron Banner game, one player had the misfortune of running directly into an enemy guardian who was clearly hacking.

In the clip, SpideR crosses from the garden and into the grotto before spotting an enemy. By the time they land two shots of their own, it was already too late. There was no escaping the enemy’s barrage of bullets.

Cheating isn’t a new issue for Destiny 2, but examples like this have been shockingly common in recent days.

One commenter shared their thoughts on how this clip represents the state of the game as a whole: “He’s #1106 in Trials and #253 in Comp, this tells me it’s safe to assume every player above him is also hacking.”

Destiny 2 Shaxx Crucible
If cheating continues to trend upwards in Destiny 2 then Bungie may have a much bigger problem on their hands than just this random occurrence.

There’s also a fear that cheats like this may be showing up more often because word about them is spreading throughout the community. Another user on the thread seemed to recognize the cheat that was being used.

“The mod that person is using is called “Aries” it’s considered a low-level mod, you’re in control of the RPM (600 max) and Bungie’s new anti-cheat won’t catch it since the player can turn it off/on during the game.”

Destiny 2 has been getting a lot of things right recently but cheats like this are a scary prospect for the game’s PVP future.