Destiny 2 dev leading non-gaming projects has left before any got off the ground

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Destiny 2’s lead developer on non-gaming projects Derick Tsai has reportedly left the company, without any of these projects actually getting off of the ground.

Destiny 2 has arguably some of the most expansive lore and world-building of any game out there. Bungie has spent an extensive amount of time building up the game’s characters, locations, and history to enrich the universe that the guardians inhabit and defend against the darkness. Bungie has even gone so far as to hire someone to become a loremaster of the universe, documenting what goes on within the game.

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With the grandiose storytelling Bungie has within Destiny 2, players have wondered when will the universe transcend beyond the game itself, and reach out to other mediums like film, television, and more.

Whilst it’s definitely possible we see a new form of storytelling from Bungie in the future, it appears that it might not be coming anytime soon, as the lead of non-gaming projects Derek Tsai has left the company, as first spotted by The Game Post. Tsai reportedly left the company before any of their non-gaming projects got off the ground.

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Lead of transmedia Derick Tsai leaves Bungie

Tsai’s Twitter bio was changed to working previously at Bungie, with his role there being, “Senior Development Executive and Head of Destiny Universe Transmedia at Bungie.”

According to his LinkedIn profile description, Tsai “helped develop ideas to “expand Destiny into linear mediums (Animation, Film & TV, Books, Comics) and drive long-term engagement with new and existing fans” whilst at Bungie.

As for just what Tsai helped move along during his time at the studio, any further adaptations outside of the gaming realm are yet to surface. For all we know, certain projects could be right around the corner, or perhaps nothing was created whatsoever.

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It’s not certain if we’ll see any form of non-gaming content for Destiny 2 in the near future, but at least players will still have the game to tie them over.

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