YouTuber behind “Door Stuck” might delete iconic CSGO video due to dispute

door stuck csgo videoYouTube: KinetiK001

“Door Stuck” is one of the most iconic memes in all of gaming ⁠— not just CS:GO. However, the original uploader, KinetiK001, might soon delete the iconic YouTube video after a “troll” copyright claimed it and is now earning the monetization revenue from it.

“Ah I tried to sneak through the door, man. Can’t make it. This sh*t’s stuck. Out of my way son. Door’s stuck! Door’s stuck! Please, I beg you!”

Those are the iconic screams from an ESEA match heard around the world more than 23 million times from “Door Stuck”. A then 16-year-old KinetiK001, who was trolling his teammate in gaming for rapping loudly, recorded the clip, uploaded it to YouTube in 2007. From then, it slowly gained notoriety.

However, the 14-year-old internet meme might soon be deleted due to a copyright dispute. 

In an upload on July 27, almost 15 years on from its release, KinetiK described a “big confusion labyrinth of YouTube regulations I’m going through right now” in trying to regain monetization for the video.

His channel was originally demonetized a few years ago after using it to upload music for higher sound quality than he could get on Spotify. YouTube demonetized his channel so he then took down the music to try and get that Door Stuck income back.

The video made KinetiK approximately 80 cents a day ⁠— at least that’s what he said eight years ago during a Reddit AMA. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but across 14 years that’s about $4,000 if it stayed at that rate.

After appealing the demonetization though, he was knocked back: “I got the response back ‘my channel reuses someone else’s content without providing anything of significant value’. That’s true when I was uploading albums and not monetizing them, but I think that was an automated decision because I only left Door Stuck and got the same reply.”

His video appeal was unsuccessful after YouTube said he “didn’t show enough of my creative process that it was my video” ⁠— bearing in mind it was uploaded in 2007 and all he did “was start up Fraps and record myself on de_cpl_mill.”

There’s a new problem though. Someone else has claimed the copyright for Door Stuck and is now monetizing it even though they didn’t create the video.

“I’ve got some copyright troll claimed Door Stuck as their own and monetized it while I’m in this appeals process,” he explained. “It’s extremely scummy. They reuploaded it and they’re the ones making money off of it ⁠— or were until I paused it until I appealed it.”

KinetiK has called on YouTube to give him back the rights to Door Stuck and monetize the original clip. Of not, he will take the drastic step to delete a bit of internet history with the original video.

“If YouTube doesn’t do the right thing and continues to allow this troll to make money, I’m going to delete Door Stuck. There’s no way I’m going to let this asshole steal money ⁠— granted I didn’t do a lot of effort but I did upload the video.

“I know it’s bad timing with the Friday Night Funkin’ mod, but I might have to delete the video. If I get rejected for my monetization and that person is monetizing, I’m going to delete Door Stuck. I’m sorry it’s come to this, but blame YouTube’s policies.”

KinetiK can appeal YouTube’s monetization decision once again on August 23, but if he gets declined, that’ll be the end of the original Door Stuck. It won’t be gone from the internet forever as there’s hundreds of copycats on YouTube, but that first clip will vanish.