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WarOwl tests how many reported CS:GO players are actually hacking

Published: 11/Jul/2019 17:04 Updated: 12/Jul/2019 3:17

by Daniel Cleary


Popular CS:GO YouTuber, TheWarOwl, reveals how likely a reported player is to be cheating after running an extensive test using CS:GO’s “Overwatch” anti-cheat system.

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WarOwl is one of the most popular CS:GO YouTubers and is often known for his highly informative videos on different aspects of the game.

In his most recent video, the YouTuber decided to test out how likely it was for a player to actually be hacking when they get reported in-game by taking data from CS:GO’s community regulated “Overwatch” system.

ValveOverwatch is regulated by experienced CS:GO players to give their verdict on suspicious players.
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The Overwatch system encourages experienced CS:GO players to make verdicts on whether or not a player is hacking after watching a short snippet of their gameplay from when they got reported.


WarOwl set out to tackle fifty of these cases by himself and seemed to find quite a lot of cheaters with quite a lot of them playing in the 2v2 Wingman mode in many cases even noticing more than one cheater per game, “Two times as many Wingman games were hack vs hack than the 5v5 games.”

Despite not encountering many cheaters during his own game time, WarOwl listed the recent Free-to-play model as a possible reason for cheaters explaining that there is less consequences now that players don’t have to re-buy the game when banned, “There’s no consequences, you just make a new account.”


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After completing all of the cases, WarOwl revealed that a staggering 45 of the 50 reported CS:GO players tested were hacking in some way such as wall hacks, aimbot or other types of external cheats.

He then revealed other data he had gathered from the overwatch cases such as the cheaters’ favorite CS:GO map, Dust 2, which should come as no shock to fans of the game and their weapon of choice, the Scout, which offers the most mobility of CS:GO’s high damage guns.

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Despite CS:GO having a known cheating problem, it does not seem to affect the game’s popularity, as they still maintain a massive player base with over 16 Million unique players in the month of June 2019 alone.


Due to the large number and variety of cheaters in CS:GO it can often take time to identify every kind of cheat, however, Valve have been known for actively banning cheaters in waves every so often to keep it under control.