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WarOwl showcases how “stupid” CSGO would look if players had 1000 health

Published: 8/Jun/2020 2:40

by Andrew Amos


Ever wanted to see a game of competitive CS:GO where players had near infinite health? Fan-favorite YouTuber ‘WarOwl’ played the “stupid” mode for you so you probably don’t have to ⁠— unless Negev rushing sounds appealing to you.

One shot kills with the AWP. One shot headshot with the AK-47. These are the basic rules of CS:GO weaponry. However, what if that wasn’t the case? What if you needed nine AK headshots to take down a target, or a full AWP clip?

WarOwl has answered the question that, frankly, no one wanted answered, or even asked. He made a custom game where every player had 1,000 health ⁠— and told players to probably not follow in his footsteps.


If you want to break the rules of Counter-Strike by giving yourself 1,000 health, be aware of the consequences.

In a June 8 video, WarOwl assembled nine friends to play a full competitive game of CS:GO where every player had 10 times the health they normally had. They didn’t change how the economy worked or anything ⁠— everyone was just a bullet sponge.

This made for some interesting gameplay on certain rounds, including pistol rounds. Using the USP-S didn’t give you enough damage to kill someone in a clip, so WarOwl had to adapt on the fly.

“Pistols don’t do a lot of damage,” he said. “We decided to do a double raid boss. Two players would buy two pairs of duallies, and two others would buy armor. I bought a P250 without realizing it didn’t have enough ammo to kill a single player.”


The meta evolved from rifles and AWPs to Negevs, auto-snipers, and auto-shotguns. With the time-to-kill at “World of Warcraft levels”, it wasn’t viable to just control your M4 or AK spray better ⁠— you needed the 150 bullets the Negev gives you.

“I thought the meta would be to buy an AK-47 or an M4 and meticulously control the recoil so only the most trained experts at the game would succeed,” he said. “Nope. Our meta is now auto-snipers, auto-shotguns, and Negevs.

“All of the nuance, all of the skill and tactics that Counter-Strike is known for was gone. It was now like PvP in Destiny 2.”


Ninja defuses were also prevalent. After all, “it takes five seconds to defuse the bomb, and much longer to kill a player.”

YouTube: TheWarOwl
If you have 1,000 health, your opponent has to be on point to stop your ninja defuse.

It was a wildly different CS:GO experience compared to how the game was meant to be played. The game got stale after a while, WarOwl admitted, adding that “we only played one game of this because of how painful it was.”

However, if you want to try this out for yourself, you only need two commands, and nine friends. You have to enable “sv_cheats 1” to change player health using the command “ent_fire !self addoutput “health 1000”. From there, the world is your oyster. Good luck.