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The ECS Season 5 Broascast Team Competes Against the Clock in the Ultimate Counter-Strike Quiz

Published: 10/Jun/2018 12:26 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:04

by Ross Deason


Five members of the ECS Season 5 Finals broadcast team tested their Counter-Strike knowledge against the clock on day two of the competition.

The game is a simple one: answer as many Counter-Strike related questions as possible in 60 seconds and the person with most answers at the end of proceedings wins.

The first person to face the challenge was Jason ‘moses’ O’Toole. The veteran of Counter-Strike 1.6 and CS:GO started strong with his knowledge of prior ECS events but struggled with some of the more unusual questions.

The North American eventually finished with a score of three points and responded by saying “no thoughts” and “I’m just gonna make things worse for myself if I try to dig myself out of this”.

Luckily for moses, it soon became apparent that his performance wasn’t as bad as he had thought. The commentators and analysts proved their Counter-Strike esports knowledge repeatedly but struggled with some of the more obscure questions.

Next up to face the gauntlet was Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert. The former Cloud9 star managed to equal the score of his North American colleague with three points but felt that  he had left one on the table with the Operation Hydra question.

The final two contestants were Alex ‘MACHINE’ Richardson and Henry ‘HenrgG’ Greer. The Brits certainly seemed to be the most competitive of the quartet and MACHINE opened up proceedings with a solid score of four points.

He was so proud of his score that he thanked his mother and, understanding the gravity of the situation, stated that it had been a pleasure and honor to compete in the most important Counter-Strike quiz in history.

HenryG stepped up to the plate knowing exactly what he needed to do in order to claim the titlle but the former Counter-Strike: Source pro also pointed out that all of the events tend to roll into one, making it hard to remember specifics.

In the end Henry managed to equal MACHINE’s score of four to claim joint first place in the competition – a result he seemed happy with.

Of course, nobody will really know who the true king of Counter-Strike knowledge is until the two Brits compete in a tie-breaker…


Why JKS is the perfect fit for blameF’s Complexity | Richard Lewis

Published: 30/Oct/2020 11:22

by Daniel Cleary


Following 100 Thieves’ departure from Counter-Strike and after weeks of speculation about the former roster, Justin ‘JKS’ Savage finally confirmed his next step in a move to Complexity’s Juggernaut lineup, alongside captain Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer.

Richard Lewis breaks down this roster move in his latest video for Dexerto and takes a look at why the signing of JKS could be exactly what this Complexity lineup needs to improve.

Replacing young CS:GO star Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter, who wanted to return to North America to compete, Savage will have a big role to play on his new team.

With consistent fragging abilities and after coming back off multiple top-two finishes in his final run with 100 Thieves, including a finals appearance in the ESL Pro League, Richard Lewis also highlighted just how much potential the Australian pro has to work with.

However, as BLAST Premier Fall is now underway, JKS will be looking to replicate those performances once again and help this Juggernaut roster, led by blameF, to find more success in the coming months.