Tarik slams PGL CSGO Major watch party rules: “Worst piece of sh*t ever”

Luís Mira
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Former CS:GO pro Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik has criticized the watch party rules in place for the PGL Stockholm Major, explaining why he hasn’t hosted one yet.

PGL released on October 21 the community broadcast guidelines in place for the Major, whereby content creators can stream tournament matches as long as they do it in a non-commercial manner.

Since the start of the Major on October 26, there have been watch parties in multiple languages as PGL and Valve want to give the CS:GO community multiple ways to follow the tournament.

This helps explain why the first day of the Stockholm Major had a peak viewership of 667,000 — an impressive figure, considering that most of the big names will only enter the fray in the New Legends Stage, which will begin on October 30.

Tarik slams Major co-stream rules

But not all big streamers seem to be happy with the guidelines in place. Tarik, who was part of the Cloud9 team that won the ELEAGUE Boston Major in 2018, has criticized the event’s strict co-streaming rules, which include a mandatory two-minute delay.

The North American player, who has hosted Valorant watch parties in the past, also expressed his disappointment with the fact that third-party channels can only stream from GOTV, without commentary from casters.

“I don’t know if I’m going to do a watch party for the Major tonight, probably not,” he told viewers. “I might wait until the next stage.

“It’s also super scuffed, man, it’s super f**king scuffed how PGL has it set up. You have to have a two-minute delay on your stream, you have to remove all ads from your stream, you have to remove all the panels below your stream that have any ads, you can’t listen to the casters while you’re in the GOTV so you can just hear the gameplay.

“Not only are you in the GOTV with delay, you have to add a two-minute delay on top. It’s ridiculous, it’s the worst piece of sh*t I’ve ever heard. It’s the worst piece of sh*t ever.

“I’m sorry if this comes off as rude, but it’s the worst piece of sh*t.”

The PGL Major is currently in the Challengers Stage – you can keep up with all the action from Sweden on our event hub.