s1mple forgets he’s not on LAN in hilarious CSGO stream fail

Connor Bennett

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive superstar Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev was left red in the face after hilariously confusing his Twitch stream for playing at a LAN tournament. 

As one of the best, if not the best, Counter-Strike players on the planet, it’s incredibly rare that fans see s1mple make a mistake in-game. The Natus Vincere star is usually leading the charge with his opening kills, taking over rounds singlehandedly, or clutching up to the joy of everyone watching.

However, fans finally got to enjoy a ‘lowlight’ as he made a hilarious mistake on-stream – forgetting where he was in the heat of some CS:GO action. 

Many believe s1mple is the best CS:GO player around.

During his November 3 stream, the Natus Vincere superstar had been playing games of Faceit Pro League when he hit one enemy with a sniper shot and tried to relay that information to his teammates. 

He called out the hit and immediately looked to his right, as if he were looking for answers from his Na’Vi teammates on LAN, but as he was at home, he quickly realized his mistake and burst into laughter. 

“Jesus Christ, I was watching on the right side to say info and see what my teammates were going to do,” S1mple said, explaining the hilarious blunder. “Ahh, too many tournaments right now, too many games.”

It’s not exactly a shock that the #1 ranked CS:GO player in the world is so used to speaking to his teammates on LAN. Since October 17, his team has played 11 matches across ESL Pro League in London, StarSeries i-league in Turkey, and BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen.

In those 11 matches, Na’Vi has played 18 maps, with s1mple pulling off his usual heroics in the majority of them – despite the fact they bombed out of the StarSeries event and had to bounce back with a third-place finish at BLAST Pro Series.

However, their grueling schedule is now behind them, with Na’Vi currently being scheduled for around a month-long break before they head to the Pro League finals in Odense on December 3rd. 

Until then, though, s1mple will have to re-adjust to playing by himself and just calling out information to his online teammates – even if his fans might wish for more hilarious mistakes.

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