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Renegades CS:GO star Gratisfaction gives ‘fans’ the finger for ghosting during StarSeries Shanghai playoffs

Published: 5/Apr/2019 16:17 Updated: 5/Apr/2019 17:01

by Connor Bennett


Renegades Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Sean ‘Gratisfaction’ Kaiwai was caught flipping off a fan who had tried to ‘ghost’ during a quarter-finals match at StarSeries Shanghai.

What is Ghosting in CS:GO?

Ghosting in CS:GO is when information from dead players or spectators is relayed to players who are still alive and engaged in a late-game situation.

At StarSeries, one fan had tried to help out the Ninjas in Pyjamas squad, who found themselves behind to Renegades in their quarter-final match-up, but only felt the wrath of Gratisfaction who let the crowd know how he felt.

StarLadderGratisfaction joined the Australian squad back in September

Locked in a tense one-on-one after plant situation, the New Zeland pro was situated in the Sandwich position on Mirage’s A bomb site, waiting for information. As the round end clock began to count down, he moved out of his position and gunned down F0rest who had been situated to the left of connector.

However, the play was overshadowed by a voice from the crowd trying to help F0rest by calling out Gratifisaction’s position, screaming: “Sandwich, Sandwich, Sandwich.” 

Seemingly infuriated by what had happened, the New Zealander immediately flipped the bird towards the rogue fan before the next round got underway.

Gratisfaction responds post-game

Once the game was over, the Renegades pro acknowledged the situation on Twitter and made it clear that his actions couldn’t be construed as being towards his opponents, but towards the fan who had tried to spoil the game.

He posted: “Wasn’t pulling the fingers towards @NiPGaming. Nothing but love for those players. It was to the dickheads in the crowd screaming out my position.”

However, the Gratifisaction situation wasn’t the only example of fans trying to help players. Throughout the match, other voices in the crowd called out other key points of information – including player positions and when they had backed away from a bomb site in a bid to save their weaponry.

One fan asked Renegade manager Chris ‘GoMeZ’ Orfanellis via Reddit if the fans had been kicked out, to which he responded and revealed that tournament officials had ‘dealt’ with the situation.

While players do have noise-canceling headphones to prevent such situations happening, noise can break through at times due to a number of different reasons.


IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 final placements and results

Published: 22/Nov/2020 21:45 Updated: 22/Nov/2020 23:51

by Marco Rizzo


IEM Beijing-Haidian has concluded, and after two weeks of incredible Counter-Strike, we finally are able to crown the best teams in one of the largest tournaments of the Online Era.

The online event hosted 24 teams across four regions: Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. Winners fought for spots in the upcoming IEM Global Challenge and for prize pools of $150,000 (EU), $70,000 (NA), and $15,000 (Asia, Oceania).

IEM Beijing 2019 saw Astralis being crowned champions after sweeping Australians of 100 Thieves in a best-of-five final.

Europe and North America featured a double-elimination group stage, with a single-elimination playoff bracket. Every game was a BO3 match, except for the BO5 final. Asia and Oceania presented a double-elimination playoff bracket, with BO3 games and a BO5 final.

IEM Beijing 2019
The Australians were not able to overcome Astralis led by an in-from gla1ve.

IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Europe placements and results

The European group stages saw Astralis, Heroic, FaZe, and Complexity proceeded undefeated to the playoffs, followed by Vitality, G2, NaVi, and BIG.

Vitality powered through the playoffs by first dispatching Heroic in the quarter-finals, their Danish nemesis had previously denied the French roster two trophies at ESL One Cologne and Dreamhack Open Fall.  They reached the finals after a swift 2-0 victory against the Complexity juggernaut.

On the other side of the bracket, NaVi dominated Astralis in the quarter-finals, brushing them aside after two 16-9 maps. The CIS squad then faced a new-look G2 esports, destroying them on Nuke in the last map of the match.

The Grand Final saw Oleksandr  ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev dominate Vitality in the first two maps displaying a +41 K/D differential. The Frenchmen fought back on Overpass and Inferno extending the finals all the way before taking the trophy on Mirage after a stellar performance by Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut.

Group A Results Group B Results
Complexity 2-0 Astralis 2-0
FaZe Clan 2-0 Heroic 2-0
NaVi 2-1 BIG 2-1
Vitality 2-1 G2 Esports 2-1
MAD Lions 1-2 NiP 1-2
Spirit 1-2 Mousesports 1-2
OG 0-2 North 0-2
Fnatic 0-2 ENCE 0-2

Stage Game
Quarterfinal 1 Faze 0 – 2 G2
Quarterfinal 2 Na’Vi 2 – 0 Astralis
Quarterfinal 3 Complexity 2 – 0 BIG
Quarterfinal 4 Heroic 1 – 2 Vitality


Stage Game
Semifinal 1 G2 1 – 2 Na’Vi
Semifinal 2 Vitality 2-0 Complexity


Stage Game
Grand Final Na’Vi 2-3 Vitality 

Place Team Pro Tour Points Prize Money (USD)
1 Vitality 400 $60,000
2 Natus Vincere 265 $30,000
3-4 Complexity 160 $12,000
3-4 G2 Esports 160 $12,000
5-8 Heroic 75 $5,000
5-8 BIG 75 $5,000
5-8 Astralis 75 $5,000
5-8 FaZe Clan 75 $5,000
9-12 Team Spirit 45 $2,500
9-12 MAD Lions 45 $2,500
9-12 Mousesports 45 $2,500
9-12 NiP 45 $2,500
13-16 OG 0 $1,500
13-16 Fnatic 0 $1,500
13-16 ENCE 0 $1,500
13-16 North 0 $1,500
IEM Beijing ASIA
Tyloo have historically been the best Chinese team

IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Asia placements and results

The Asian event saw ViCi finally overcome their Chinese rivals Tyloo, beating them in the upper bracket final and again in the grand final without dropping a single map through the entire event.

Stage Game
Semifinal 1 Tyloo 2-0 D13
Semifinal 2 Invictus 0-2 ViCi
Stage Game
Lower Semi Invictus 2-0 D13
Stage Game
Upper Final Tyloo 0-2 ViCi
Stage Game
Consolidation Final Invictus 0-2 Tyloo


Stage Game
Grand Final Tyloo 0-3 ViCi


Place Team Pro Tour Points Prize Money (USD)
1 ViCi 185 $8,000
2 Tyloo 85 $4,000
3 Invictus 45 $2,000
4 D13 0 $1,000
Teams invited to the Oceanian event.

IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Oceania placements and results

The Oceanic tournament did not see too many surprises as the Renegades led by Chris ‘dexter’ Nong managed to take the $8,000 and their ninth regional trophy in a row.

Stage Game
Semifinal 1 AVANT 2-1 ORDER
Semifinal 2 VERTEX 0-2 Renegades


Stage Game
Lower Semi ORDER 2-0 VERTEX


Stage Game
Upper Final AVANT 0-2 Renegades


Stage Game
Consolidation Final ORDER 2-1 AVANT


Stage Game
Grand Final ORDER 0-3 Renegades


Place Team Pro Tour Points
Prize Money (USD)
1 Renegades 185 $8,000
2 Order 85 $4,000
3 Avant 45 $2,000
4 Vertex 0 $1,000