NRG Esports Clashes With FaZe Clan For a Spot in the ECS Season 5 Semifinals – Report

Ross Deason

The second team to advance to the semifinals of the ECS Season 5 CS:GO Finals has been decided after NRG Esports shocked FaZe Clan in a quick best of one.

Both NRG and FaZe cruised through their opening matches in the GSL style group with NRG defeating the new G2 Esports roster and FaZe destroying Luminosity Gaming 16-1.

However, NRG were the team on form once the winners match started and they soon raced off to a 11-1 lead on the CT side of Cache.

The half ended 11-4 as FaZe Clan managed to claw a few rounds back but NRG clinched the second pistol round after switching to the T side and followed up with two anti-ecos.

FaZe did seem to wake up as the game progressed but NRG’s lead proved to be insurmountable and the North American team eventually closed things out with a score of 16-8.

With that win in the books, NRG will get a day off to prepare for their semifinal match on June 10th. FaZe Clan will have to play the winner of G2 vs. Luminosity for the final playoff spot from Group B on June 7th.

Day one of the ECS Season 5 Finals started off with two close games in Group A but Astralis held their recent form and eventually cruised through to the playoffs over Team Liquid in the winners match.

Group B was a different story entirely and the matches seemed to be over before they ever really got started.

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