New CS:GO Update Addresses Audio Issues Reported by Community Members - May 22nd Patch Notes

by Ross Deason


Another Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update has been released, this time featuring minor bug fixes and audio changes.

A major CS:GO update was released on May 21st which introduced a number of significant updates to bomb logic and hitboxes as well as major changes to Nuke.


Just 24 hours later, on May 22nd, another update was released. This time, the changes aren’t as spectacular but they’re still important.

The main focus of the patch is to address some audio issues discovered by SlothSquadron, a popular community member that regularly gives detailed feedback on and analysis on weapon balance issues and various other in-game issues.


SlothSquadron recently released a video, at the request of Valve, which detailed an audio deadzone bug that affected the M4A1-S and USP-S.


Valve were quick to act and they have already fixed the issue by removing the distant firing sound for both weapons completely, meaning they cannot be heard from more than 800 units away (a buff, of sorts).

The update also brings a number of other audio changes and minor bug fixes. The full patch notes can be found below.


Release Notes for 5/22/2018

– Fixed end of round panel sometimes incorrectly showing defuse with 0.000 seconds remaining for players or bots who joined the server mid-round, even if they didn’t defuse the bomb.
– Fixed some broken materials on the Leet Crew character models.

(Thanks to /u/slothSquadron and CSGO community for repro movies and feedback.)
– Lowered volume of select ambient sounds in Nuke.
– Fixed bug where USP-S and M4A1-S were playing distant versions beyond their max audible distance.
– Lowered volume of helicopter sounds.
– Lowered DSP effects on Glock and AK47.
– Added missing snd_lvl to M4A1 so it can receive DSP effects.
– Removed lapping water sound from fountain in Overpass.
– Fixed bug where jump landing sounds became silent before their maximum audible distance.
– Fixed bug where Cache outdoor reverb sounded like it was indoors.

– Fixed vbsp and hlmv tools to correctly handle paths that contain spaces.