Moses explains which CSGO team is the best in the world today

Popular Counter-Strike analyst and commentator Jason ‘Moses’ O’Toole, has given his two cents as to which CSGO team is leading the pack in 2019.

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Hot off the heels of an electric 2019 StarLadder Berlin Major, which saw juggernauts Astralis take home the gold after a flawless playoff run, Moses has chimed in on who he believes to be the best CSGO team in the world. 

In a September 11 AMA on the Global Offensive subreddit, Moses obliged in varying discussions about the esport as a whole, but most notably, the analyst elaborated on which team is at the very top today.

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Reddit user ‘ItsBrusky’ asked Moses to share his thoughts of Team Liquid and Astralis “after this major? Are Astralis back? Was this a slight falter for TL or are they starting to be figured out?”

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The analyst responded in stating that “Astralis is definitely back. I mentioned before the Major began that I thought they would prove to everyone they were the #2 team in the world by the end of the event. They’ve done that.”

Valve - CSGOAstralis raising the trophy in Berlin
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The recent victory in Berlin marked the third consecutive success at a Major for Astralis. Having previously won the FACEIT: Major 2018 and the Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Katowice Major 2019.

Moses continued on, arguing that “if they continue to play at the level they were at in the top8 they’re probably the #1 team in the world.”

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On Team Liquid however, a team that had looked dominant throughout much of 2019, Moses believes their performance at the Berlin Major “was just a slight falter. Certainly they would start to get figured out at some point, and maybe they over-adjusted their gameplay during the bootcamp.”

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While Astralis now sits at four Major victories, the most of any Counterstrike organization, Team Liquid has yet to find success on such a scale, falling 0-2 against Astralis in the Quarterfinals of the Berlin Major. 

“Whatever it was, they never seemed confident in their individual levels throughout the major,” Moses explained. “And the worst part was that it also seemed they lost some faith/trust in their teammates.”

Valve - CSGOTeam Liquid had been on a tear throughout 2019
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It was a truly dominant showing for Astralis at the most recent event, refusing to drop even a single map throughout their historic playoff run. 

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