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Massive CSGO exploit allows wall-hacks without getting caught

Published: 6/Sep/2019 20:36 Updated: 6/Sep/2019 21:02

by Albert Petrosyan


An exploit has been discovered in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that allows players to enable wall-hacks without running the risk of being caught and banned.

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One of the biggest issues that has plagued CS:GO over the many years of its existence has been cheating, primarily the use of wall-hacks and aimbots the give players a very unfair advantage.

Gaming organizers ESEA and FACEIT have made successful efforts to counter these cheats, especially when it comes to the competitive side of the game, thanks to the heavy-duty anti-cheat systems employed on their servers.

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However, another exploit has been thrust into the spotlight, one that overrides anti-cheat software and allows for hacks to be enabled from the in-game console.


The video below, tweeted out by game expert ‘DonHaci,’ the self-acclaimed “Premier mind of CS:GO,” shows this exploit being used on a FACEIT server. 

“There is yet another critical bug out there that literally allows you to enable sv_cheats 1 in matchmaking, FACEIT, ESEA etc…” he tweeted. “Would recommend not playing until it gets fixed.”

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In the clip, an innocent match kicks off with everything looking as it should, until the console is opened and the ‘sv_cheats 1’ command is prompted, which apparently opens the door for hacks to be enabled.

Surely enough, following the command input, the player is then able to generate the thermal models for everyone in that lobby, enabling him to see the entire enemy team’s position and movements.


As it turns out, according to Haci, this exploit apparently isn’t even something new, as others have claimed to be using it “for years.”

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“This is worse than I thought,” he tweeted. “People have come forward to me and told that they have been abusing this for years. For years, there has been an exploit going around where you can override protected cvars and enable sv_cheats 1, which allows you to enable wall-hacks with commands.” 

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If that is true, then CSGO and these competitive gaming organizers have a much larger problem on their hands than they may have initially realized.


Fortunately, thanks to Haci’s tweet gaining massive attention on social media, this may end up being patched and taken care before too long.