Kjaerbye announces departure from North CSGO

Connor Bennett
kjaerbye in an interview with North

[jwplayer o9fRcL4b]Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star Markus ‘KjaerbyeKjærbye has announced that he is departing North after taking a break from competing in May. 

After making his name as one of the rising stars in the Danish scene with Copenhagen Wolves and Dignitas, Kjaerbye joined forces with the high-powered Astralis lineup to kick off a period of dominance. 

He helped his countrymen win their first Major back in 2017 at the ELeague Atlanta Major, however, just over a year later, he departed to join North. His exit from Astralis represented a huge gamble seeing as he was leaving behind a dominant lineup.

Despite winning a few events and gaining decent placements with North, Kjaerbye hasn’t hit the heights of his Astralis days. In May of 2020, he took a break to focus on his health and has now exited North.

kjaerbye playing for North at an ESL event.
Kjaerbye’s move from Astralis to North shocked everyone in CSGO.

The organization confirmed that he would be departing on July 10, issuing a lengthy statement thanking Markus for his work under their banner. They also revealed that discussions around his future have been taking place for a few months since his break. 

“I’ve been really happy at North, but it has also been a bumpy road with many changes, and I feel that this break has made me see more clearly,” Kjærbye said, before noting that he isn’t ready to fade away into retirement yet. 

“Currently, I still need some time, but I know I’m far from done with CS. This is what I know, and I look forward to my next adventure.” 

Departing from North means that Kjærbye is now a free agent and free to join whichever team he wants. Though, a major roster shuffle period hasn’t unfolded just yet and spots on teams are pretty limited.

However, if the 22-year-old Major winner can get back into form, he won’t be without a team for all that long.