Is CS:GO down? Players report long queue times, rank resets on July 31

Kamil Malinowski

Some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players reported strangely long queue times and ranks being reset on July 31, but it appears to have been resolved. 

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Update (July 31 at 13:46 EST)

It appears that the issues have now been resolved, following a server outage affecting gameplay in the popular shooter game. There doesn’t seem to be any more long queues to enter matches, as was previously the case, and it seems like businesses as usual in CS:GO. 

Original story: 

CS:GO players all around the world seem to be having issues with the game, with many people unable to play competitive matches.  

The issue seems to be isolated to just Counter-Strike and could be due to server errors, after Valve’s weekly scheduled maintenance day on July 30.

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Some players have complained about being unable to find a competitive game after reporting over 20 minutes of queuing, as well as their ranks and match stats being reset. 

If Valve are not yet aware of the issue, they soon should be, and will work quickly to resolve the problem. However, being based in Bellevue, Washington, they may be limited in staff considering time zones.

CS:GO competitive games have seen a meteoric rise in queue times.
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The problem seems to only be affecting competitive matches and ranks, meanwhile custom games and casual matches are still working. Third party services like Faceit and ESEA seem to be having no problems.

Article last updated on July 31, 2019 at 13:46 (EST).