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Hilarious CSGO “cheat” software messes with hackers in the most satisfying way

Published: 15/Sep/2020 22:07

by Tanner Pierce


CSGO player and YouTuber ScriptKid has released a new set of fake hacks for the game, and just like his software back in January, this one screws around with the hackers in an extremely satisfying way.

While the majority of players in online video games are decent, honorable people, there are some that choose to download and install software that lets them cheat. While some titles do have anti-cheat software in place to prevent these types of things, others do not, which can cause them to be plagued by these hackers.

One fan has been determined to do something about these players in CSGO. In July 2020, he released a fake software that was labeled as a cheat but actually messed with the wannabe hacker and caused them to kill themselves in-game. Now, he’s back.


YouTuber ScriptKid has released an entirely new set of fake cheats for the FPS, and just like his first round of software, watching these players fail so spectacularly is extremely satisfying.

One of the more hilarious fake hacks that ScriptKid made takes control over the player’s character.

Just like before, ScriptKid uploaded this software online, disguised as real cheating software, in order to trick players into downloading it.

One of the more hilarious fake cheats he made this time around is called MindControl. With it, when a player enters a certain portion of the map, they are flashed by a grenade, lose control for a couple of seconds, and then the game forces them to do something they don’t want to do.


These actions can be as simple as throwing the weapons outside of the map to something as hilarious as forcing the player to walk off the side to their death.

Another hilarious troll is that of the KnockKnockWhosThere “cheat.” When it is is installed, the hacker won’t be able to open doors and a knocking sound will play whenever they try to open one.

In would be an understatement to say that watching people get trolled by these cheats is extremely satisfying. Here’s hoping he creates more of these for other games in the future.