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Game-breaking CSGO MAC-10 bug is unexpectedly crashing players’ matches

Published: 25/Feb/2020 5:51 Updated: 26/Feb/2020 5:02

by Andrew Amos


February 25 update: A hotfix released on CS:GO servers on February 25 has rectified the MAC-10 bug. Original article continues below.

Players are urged to not buy the MAC-10 in-game after February 24’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update after a game-breaking bug involving the weapon is crashing players out of their matches.

The latest CS:GO update has shipped changes to the in-game shop, although players have to be wary of using it, especially if they are avid MAC-10 fans.

A new bug has appeared after the February 24 patch which is unexpectedly crashing players out of their matches when they buy the T-sided SMG.


A new bug with the MAC-10 is crashing players out of their games.

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The bug, reported first on Reddit by user ‘Naschpitz’, appeared after February 24’s game update.

“With this new patch, if you use [a] skin [on] your MAC-10 and you buy it in-game, CS:GO will close,” they said. “Remove your MAC-10 skin from your inventory for now and wait for a patch to fix it.”

The bug has a 100% replication rate, but only if you have a skin equipped to your MAC-10. While it doesn’t crash the server for everyone, your game will close and you’ll be kicked out of your lobby, which could lead to competitive bans if you crash multiple times.


Mac-10 error with new patch from GlobalOffensive

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There is a way of getting around the bug by purchasing the weapon right at the start of a round before the load-in animation is finished, but it’s unrealistic to pull this off every time.

The bug doesn’t seem to be impacting any other gun in the game, but all MAC-10 skins, regardless of Souvenir or StatTrak status, are affected by the glitch.

Valve is yet to comment on the bug, but a bug should be shipped in the coming hours, given just how game-breaking it is.

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It comes after the February 24 update pushed a visual update to the in-game shop, which now shows player models holding their weapon of choice. Other changes shipped include sharing codes for crosshairs, a new patch system for agent skins, and fixes for Breach and Studio.


The best course of action is to try to avoid using the MAC-10 on T-side, although if you do have to buy one, make sure that there’s no skin equipped to the weapon. Else, you might just find yourself out of more than just $1050 in-game.