Former Cloud9 Star n0thing Discusses shroud’s Return to CS:GO and Their New Team With Other Legendary Players

Ross Deason

Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert has clarified a few points about the new team featuring himself, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, and a number of other veterans and legends of the CS:GO scene.

News of the new team originally broke when shroud revealed that he would be playing in the next season of ESEA Open competition with some familiar faces.

The roster, which features two of shroud’s former Cloud9 teammates in the form of n0thing and Sean ‘seang@ares’ Gares, was later discovered on ESEA, causing a great deal of excitement from community members.

Two legends of European Counter-Strike, Robin ‘Fifflaren’ Johansson and Tomi ‘lurppis’ Kovanen, are also on the team along with Norwegian caster Halvor ‘vENdetta’ Gulestøl and a number of other veterans.

The team’s matches are likely to be streamed by the likes of shroud and n0thing and shroud had already said that there will be no team practice as the project is only for fun.

However, some fans seem to hold the belief that this is the start of a return to professional CS:GO for some of the players. This caused n0thing to take to Twitter on May 15th to clarify that shroud definitely isn’t coming out of retirement and this is nothing beyond “1 fun (streamed) match per week”.

However, this won’t stop fans from looking forward to the team’s debut match and there is a high likelihood that the first streams will pull in more numbers than the average group stage match for a tournament.

The comments about players potentially leaving if there is “something else they have to do” likely refers to players like himself and seang@res who haven’t officially retired and could potentially still join another team.

Signups for Season 28 of ESEA Open are now closed and shroud, n0thing and co. should have their first match scheduled in the coming days.

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