Fnatic’s CS:GO roster reacts to first 16-0 loss in the team’s history


During the WESG 2018 World Finals, iconic organization CS:GO franchise.

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Fnatic has always been a staple name in the CS:GO competitive scene since winning the first ever CS:GO major tournament, DreamHack Winter back in 2013.

The loss took place while the Fnatic roster was attending the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG): World Finals featuring a huge prize pool of $890,000 despite not being a Valve sponsored Major event.

FnaticFnatic is guaranteed a top four placing at WESG: World Finals.
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The legendary Fnatic organization received their first 16-0 loss and lost the series 2-1 against underdog Polish roster known as AGO Esportsduring the semifinals of the event.

When the pools for this competition was first announced, there was a lot of speculation that the usual names such as NiP and MiBR would be some of the favorite teams leading into the tournament. But once NiP pulled out of the tournament, many looked at Fnatic to have a strong showing.

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Recent results have surprised everyone, however, as the last two teams vying for first place are Windigo Gaming and AGO Esports, which demonstrates that there is still plenty of high-level talent outside of the household names. 

Co-owner of HLTV Petar Milovanovic made mention of the major loss on Twitter while also pointing out that it happened on Inferno, which has has historically been their best map.

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The Fnatic players were also quite disappointed with their defeat, with Brollan taking to Twitter to inform Fnatic fans what was going through his mind.

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“Cannot describe my feelings… Disappointed is one of them, playing for 3rd place tomorrow against G2 or Windigo,” he said in the short tweet.

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CS:GO Veteran Krimz also tweeted out after the loss about Fnatic’s tough defeat, however, he kept it really short and simple saying, “We trash, sry to all. GGWP Ago.”

Despite having a rough defeat on Inferno, Fnatic still managed a top-four placing at this event and seem to be improving since their exit at the IEM Katowice Major in the challenger stage where they placed 20th-22nd after a defeat to G2 Esports.

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The Fnatic players must now look forward to StarSeries i-League Season 7 in Shanghai which kicks off on March 30.

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