FMPONE shares his CSGO mapping secrets in new concept - Dexerto

FMPONE shares his CSGO mapping secrets in new concept

Published: 15/Nov/2019 4:08

by Andrew Amos


CS:GO mapping legend Shawn ‘FMPONE’ Snelling has shared his secrets behind what makes a good map with Dexerto, after releasing a new concept revolutionizing how players look at bomb sites.

To play a game of proper game of CS:GO, there’s a few things you need.

You need to assemble a group of people and find some weaponry to start off with. Then, you need to find a level to play on. That’s where map designers come in, who are often the unsung heroes of CS:GO.

There’s no map designer more praised than FMPONE. Responsible for the Cache rework, as well as a handful of other maps in the CS:GO pool, the level design extraordinaire loves to mock up a few interesting concepts in his spare time.


His latest concept for a bomb defusal map has introduced some refreshing takes on what a bomb site looks like in CS:GO. 

The A site, which is in the top-right hand side of the map away from the two team’s spawns, is closed off towards T-spawn, but open towards Connector and CT-spawn. This makes it an interesting site for Terrorists to take, as it’s relatively safe to get near, but hard to plant and defend.

The B site is close to both team’s spawns, although it’s quite unique. The bomb site has two levels — teams must plants on the lower level, but can defend from a second tier above the site. 


The verticality of the map is most similar to Vertigo in the current rotation, but is unlike anything else in the game. It’s a refreshing take on how bomb sites work in CS:GO, and how teams go about attacking and defending them.

ValveThe B site can be attacked or defended from multiple angles, and two different storeys.

Speaking to Dexerto, FMPONE explained there wasn’t much inspiration behind his latest concept outside of wanting to experiment with new bomb site ideas.

“I just had some bomb sites floating around in my brain,” he said.

“I don’t think there’s anything I can directly attribute them to, I guess that’s just how it works sometimes.”


The CS:GO mapping legend has designed some of the game’s greatest maps, including the newly released Cache rework. He has an eye for good level design, and said that how bomb sites are constructed make or break a map.

“I do think the design of bomb sites is what sets a map apart,” he said. “It fails or succeeds right there.

“I’ve designed some good bomb sites and some real stinkers over the years, but I think CS level design has just “clicked” for me now. I have a much better sense of what works after all these years.”


Being able to design a good map doesn’t just come with time though. According to FMPONE, as his skill as a player increased, so did his appreciation for good maps, and what it takes to make one.

“I was never playing CS enough to really be good enough at the game to understand it,” he said, reflecting on some of his earlier designs. “I think I’ve hit that point now where because I’m a much better player, the design part clicks more.”

Twitter: FMPONEFMPONE was one of the masterminds behind Cache.

As for his favorite design of all time, this concept which he said is unlikely to progress any further is one of his favorites.


“These are probably the best [bomb sites] I’ve designed yet.”

FMPONE is always on the lookout for new projects, and says that he might try to look into different game modes outside of CS:GO bomb defusal.

“I’d like to expand into UE4 or a new CS game mode at this point,” he said. “I’d like to see how Cache fairs before I sink a bunch of time into another project. Cache took a lot out of me mentally and like all investments you want to see if it pays off.”

You can jump straight into FMPONE’s “LD Practice Map” and test it out by downloading it on the Steam Workshop.