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Fans create AI that will help improve your CSGO play

Published: 14/Sep/2019 0:28 Updated: 14/Sep/2019 10:42

by Bill Cooney


A team of CSGO enthusiasts have created a new AI program that can track players in-game performance, then make suggestions about what areas of their play they need to improve.

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Counter Strike is one of those games that’s easy to learn, but incredibly hard to master for everyone from casual players all the way up to the professional level.

But if you seem to be having trouble holding on to your rank, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why, which is why a group of CSGO fans made a program to do exactly that.


via CrushimzPlayers could spend years perfecting their CSGO game.
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A program to improve your CSGO play

Reddit user SunTzuYAO posted the work that they and fellow CSGO enthusiast thecatontheflat have done on the AI program and explained how it can help players improve.

“A service that uses AI to analyze your replays, identify your weaknesses and let you know what to work on,” SunTzu said. “It also gives you an idea on how you’re progressing in different areas of the game, so you can know if your practice is giving results.”

SunTzuYAO/thecatontheflatThe program tracks player’s performance and determines which areas need to be improved.
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SunTzuYAO’s program works by analyzing replays of players games, then comparing that to other players in the same rank, pros and so on.


“The service will automatically fetch your Faceit games (Steam/MM + ESEA to come), parse the replays and then present you with a few different skills and how well you’re doing in them compared to the benchmark (players of your rank, pros, etc.),” they explained.

It also tells players how they are progressing (or not progressing) in each skill as well, so players know what areas to better focus on.

SunTzuYAO/thecatontheflatThe program can compare player’s performance against a number of benchmarks.
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The system has currently launched in closed beta, but the creators say they hope to continue building and expanding the program going forward.

Anyone interested can sign up for the closed beta of the system (currently called Leetify) right here.


No one wants to get flashbanged by their own team.
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We’re not saying SunTzuYAO’s and catontheflat’s program is going to make you the next CS:GO superstar, but it might help you get better at not flash banging your own opponents.