FACEIT Admin Trolls Mythic CS:GO Players Following ESL Streaming Drama

Ross Deason

Mythic’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team were surprisingly disqualified from a recent online qualifier match for streaming and FACEIT admins couldn’t help making a joke out of it.

The Mythic CS:GO roster is the closest thing to a “stream team” that Counter-Strike has and the players regularly stream their official matches for the enjoyment of their fans.

Featuring a number of high profile names like Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag and James ‘hazed’ Cobb, Mythic is a team where players that have played at the highest level of the professional scene can take a more relaxed approach to playing after retiring from actively competing.

Unfortunately, the players got themselves into a spot of bother on May 3rd when they were playing in the online qualifier for ESL One Cologne and streaming their gameplay on Twitch.

ESL, who have an exclusivity deal with Facebook for streaming ESL One events, were clearly unimpressed with the fact that the Mythic players were taking away a good deal of their viewership and decided to forfeit them in their match against eUnited.

The whole situation caused a great deal of outrage within the CS:GO community as people argued in favor of both Mythic and ESL. However, some people took a much more lighthearted approach to things, like the FACEIT admin that trolled the Mythic players just hours after the drama:

While making a joke of a situation like this is often the best way of dealing with it, the issue with streaming rights between personal streams and event organizers is one that rears its head a few times every year.

ESL’s own rulings seem to contradict themselves so it is virtually impossible for a player or team to know when they are working within the rules or in violation of them.

It is also hard to escape from the feeling that they only took umbridge with Mythic because the players had more viewers than the official Facebook stream – a conscious decision made by most fans due to the better quality of Twitch streams.

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