ESL and B-Site woes continue with new schedule clash for CSGO Rio Major


ESL and FACEIT’s CS:GO pre-season feud is still ongoing, with players and pundits alike breaking out on Twitter to criticize both parties for a scheduling clash between open qualifiers for B-Site and the Rio Major.

ESL and FACEIT don’t seem to be making up any time soon, with the two CS:GO tournament organizers both competing to get the best teams attending their events.

However, a new scheduling clash is only adding fuel to the fire, with the two leagues butting heads over times instead of teams on February 3.

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While most of ESL and FACEIT’s feud has revolved around the ESL Pro League, the Rio Major is now in the firing line over a scheduling conflict.

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Former Cloud9 player Jordan ‘Zellsis’ Montemurro shed light on the scheduling conflict on Twitter, originally side-eyeing B-Site for scheduling their $100,000 online qualifiers at the same time as ESL’s Rio Major qualifiers.

“Don’t let this distract you from the fact that B-Site put their qualifiers the same days as the major qualifiers,” the player said.

B-Site did publicize their qualifiers eight hours after ESL did their announcement regarding the path to the Brazilian major, but organizer Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields assured fans that Zellsis’ concerns were “factually incorrect.”

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“We had our dates out before and ESL went over the top of them,” he said. Instead, B-Site will now look at changing their own dates to not clash with the major qualifiers, and will inform teams as soon as possible.

Thorin couldn’t help but take another jab at ESL as well, with the two parties being involved in a public feud over their competing CS:GO leagues over the past fortnight.

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“Jokes on us for thinking our direct rival could be trusted to play fair,” he said. “Thus ends the era of TOs organizing around each other.

“This is the same ESL who scheduled their EPL Season 10 travel day on a Sunday to ensure any EPL team that made the final of ECS Season 8 would be playing said final on their travel day.”

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B-Site are yet to announce when the new date for their online qualifiers will be, with ESL having the four weekends from January 31 on lock for the major qualifiers in North America and Europe.

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B-Site is expected to kick off for real in March, with six teams including Dignitas, Cloud9, and MIBR already confirmed for the league. The ESL Rio Major will take place on May 21-24.

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