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Edward Snowden replies to Bardolph’s invite to cast Moscow CSGO event

Published: 13/Sep/2019 20:48 Updated: 14/Sep/2019 10:41

by Scott Robertson


James Bardolph, one of the casters at the BLAST Pro Series Moscow event, sent out an invite to infamous NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to come join the commentary table, and the Moscow resident actually replied.

Sometimes it pays to just shoot your shot, whether you’re in or out of the server. During the Natus Vincere-ENCE match in the second round of BLAST Pro Series Moscow matches, James Bardolph sent out a tweet while he was casting with Daniel ‘ddk’ Kapadia, asking one Edward Snowden to join the desk. 

Amazingly, Snowden responded, and revealed that he’s an old school fan of Counter-Strike. While he declined to cast, Bardolph invited Snowden to at least attend the event, and promised to promote Snowden’s new book “Permanent Record” if he did.

Bardolph made numerous references to the Twitter interaction during the remainder of the match, even wondering aloud how he could get a copy of the new book.

The replies to Bardolph and Snowden’s tweets were littered with funny responses, with people asking Snowden to leak FaZe and Fnatic’s new rosters, questioning what timeline we’re in, and expressing their surprise at his CS familiarity, among others.

One reddit user commented, “if snowden shows up to a csgo tournament before gaben i swear to god.” 

Snowden exploded into the news in 2013, when he leaked top secret documents about surveillance conducted by the US National Security Agency. Snowden obtained these documents while working for Booz Allen Hamilton, a defense and intelligence contractor. 

Snowden saught asylum in Russia after he was charged with espionage and theft of government property.

Snowden has remained in Russia since then, and in the past few years has gotten married, became president of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and has now written a book. Here’s hoping he graces the BLAST Moscow event with his presence.

Day one of BLAST Moscow ended with some surprising results. ForZe won both of their maps against ENCE and AVANGAR, thus taking maps off grandfinalists in the two more recent majors. MiBR and Ninjas in Pyjamas ended their day with with one win and won tie, after the two teams played to 15-15 against each other on Train. 

Na’Vi and ENCE both got off to a bad start, as they each lost their first round map, and then tied each other in the second round.


Cloud9 drop CSGO players for ‘unacceptable’ contract breaches

Published: 25/Oct/2020 11:47

by Joe Craven


Esports organization Cloud9 have terminated deals with four of their CS:GO roster over breaches of contract, meaning JT, motm, Sonic and coach T.c are now free agents. 

Cloud9 are one of the world’s premier esports brands, fielding teams in Dota 2, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

However, they have experienced issues with discipline when it comes CS:GO rosters, particularly in light of the ongoing global health crisis.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of active rosters are prohibited from interacting with people outside of their households, to keep themselves and the organization’s staff safe.

motm playing for Cloud9
motm is one of Cloud9’s players who has been released.

This appears to have been what forced the separation between the organization and multiple players, coming to light on October 24. Sources claim that unauthorized guests were invited into the team’s residence, making it the second time a contract breach of this nature has occurred.

In response to a request for comment from Rush B Media, Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne said: “The details that really matter is this was the second offence of unauthorized guests coming into Cloud9 property after being told that this is not all acceptable. And the reason it is not acceptable is because you are putting our staff at risk.”

The news was confirmed via Twitter, with the American organization retweeting comments from all those dismissed stating they were now free agents.

Similar tweets were made by motm and JT, confirming the news about their time with Cloud9 ending.

Notably, Joshua ‘oSee’ Ohm remains a part of Cloud9. He does not reside in the team house, and so has been able to retain his spot and has not been held responsible for the unauthorised interactions with the unknown visitors.

Furthermore, Cloud9’s ‘Colossus’ roster remains completely intact. What becomes of oSee, though, remains to be seen. We could well see more players come in to form a new roster, or oSee bide his time as Cloud9 formulate their next moves.