DeKay’s CS:GO Mailbag: NiP controversy, FaZe’s next move, bigger prize pools (Part 2)

. 3 years ago

With the full list of teams set for the StarLadder Berlin Major, we all now must wait nearly a month for the New Challengers Stage to begin. Roster discussion is at a stand-still for most Major bound teams, but there is still plenty on the table to discuss. 

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Has Fifflaren started a movement? What was Boomb14 tweeting about? Should Cloud9 or NRG make a roster move soon? Answers to these and much more are in this installment of the DeKay Monthly CS:GO Mailbag. 

This is part 2 of DeKay’s monthly mailbag – if you missed Part 1 you can catch up here.

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Cloud9’s new roster is still to find its form.

Cloud9’s next move?

They need to give the roster a full chance before they make another change in my opinion. A leader like daps will need time to help them build their map pool and find where they are most comfortable in a best-of three environment. It would be crazy to cut someone so early into this new project. I think they should keep their roster the same until the end of the year.

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Fifflaren’s revelations about NiP could be a watershed moment.

Fallout from Fifflaren’s NiP claims?

When Fifflaren first mentioned he wanted to talk to Richard Lewis about it, that was my first thought. I hoped it would result in many more coming out and telling their story about NiP as well as other organizations. I spend a ton of time working with people to help them get money they are owed on a regular basis, but a majority of them never want it going public. In most cases they are afraid that it might hurt their reputation and don’t want to risk it. That’s not a healthy way to live.

I have had a ton of people reach out since his interview, so yes is the answer to your question. Who knows how many have contacted Richard. I’m loving every second of it.

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Epic Games
After the Fortnite World Cup put up $30 million, will CS:GO step up prize pools?

Bigger CS:GO prize pools?

I don’t see them getting more hands-on outside of Majors, that’s just not the Valve way. Sure, prize pool being increased wouldn’t be bad but money alone won’t help them feel more prestigious though. I think getting the community involved similarly to the way they do with the International would be a huge step in the right direction. Stickers are pretty lackluster in terms of revenue these days so I’d like to see them reinvent that process somehow.

Additionally, they need to approach the awarding process for Majors a bit more diligently moving forward. I’m over the process of giving the new guy a Major each year and “seeing how they do.” It’s time to return to giving it to the organizer with the best pitch and the most amount of resources to put on a memorable event.

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What’s next for bodyy?

I unfortunately don’t have an answer for you there, I haven’t heard his name pop up in a while now. 

LETN1 to be replaced on CR4ZY?

Unless there is some sort of internal conflict, I don’t see that happening. They just made the Major for the first time, so I can only imagine spirits are very high at the moment. I expect their lineup to remain the same unless nexa or huNter get picked up by a bigger organization later on in the year.

Lucky has been with G2 since November.

Lucky being ‘kicked’ by G2?

I have not heard that at this time, no. Although, knowing shox, that is probably the guy they would pick if they do in fact want to make a change. Like many teams, the Major will decide how they will approach their roster moving forward.

Boombl4’s QBF accusations?

I’ve been actively working on a story about his experience for about a week now and it’s really unfortunate. In a way, he isn’t exactly owed the amount he tweeted about, but he did in fact have money stolen from him. I will explain it in a report within the next few days. 

At the end of the day Quantum Bellator Fire was an extremely amateurish “organization” who had a team that got extremely lucky during their run at the Boston Major. There are a ton of these shady organizations that still remain, but as you mentioned people don’t like to speak up. I hope my contribution as well as others eventually get us to a place where things like this don’t go unmentioned publicly for as long as they typically do. I’ll try my best to make sure that happens.

Possibility of Flusha to Fnatic?

I have said Fnatic is looking at him in two separate articles, I suggest you read them here and here.

Neo’s time on FaZe Clan could be coming to an end.

What’s going on with FaZe?

Like many teams, nothing will change until after the Major. After that, I’m pretty certain that neo will not remain with the team. Moving forward, things could go a ton of different directions but I haven’t heard one way or the other just yet. I have a feeling the team will head their separate ways if their next lineup doesn’t work out, but that is purely speculation.

SuNny to ENCE?

I do think that is an option after the Major and I believe that is partially the reason he is still not playing with a new team. People do have to remember, he is still under contract with Mousesports though. He does have a buyout and I do not believe it is a cheap one. ENCE will have to be absolutely sure it is the best decision for them as a team if they are going to spend that kind of money. They had at least one player want suNny in the team and talked with him on multiple occasions about possibly joining following the Katowice Major. The team was just in too good of a spot to justify making the move in the end.

Astralis have been usurped by Liquid – can they reclaim number one?

Can Astralis get back on top?

They are in a pivotal spot right now because their performance moving forward will decide how the future of the team will go. If they turn things around, they are a team who can pick up incredible momentum and storm their way back to the top quickly. Although, if they can’t find their confidence, it will be a quick drop in the world rankings and inevitably a roster change situation. Personally, I think they will improve and give Liquid a serious challenge. I don’t see them as the number one team again though.

Did Fnatic have any roster change plans?

I don’t believe the team had pre-existing agreements to make any roster changes. They really did give the Minor a fair shake and tried as hard as they could. I’m sure some of them knew that being replaced was a possibility if they failed to qualify for the Major, but nothing was planned officially from what I know. Most teams heading into Minors and Majors will have a good feeling about their upcoming performance, that’s how confidence works. No one actually knows how good things will go though.

NRG changes if they don’t perform at the Major?

I really don’t think so. I feel the same way about them as I do Cloud9, give them time. The only way possible is if they bombed out of the event without a single match won, but that’s not likely. They added a new in-game leader, so it should be expected that it will take time for him to get to work and for the players to adapt to their new playstyle. I think it is a bit unrealistic to expect instant results when so many things will have changed internally within the team.

What’s next for Ex-OpTic?

All signs have been pointing to them sticking together and signing with a new organization. I do not have any information as to if they have gotten that done yet or if it’s still in progress.

Could 100 Thieves be eyeing up a star-studded CS:GO lineup?

How ambitious are 100 Thieves?

100 Thieves don’t want to come into CS:GO again and have a team that might not perform that well. If and when they come back, they want to have the best chance possible to have a really good team. I don’t expect them to sign ex-OpTic because there are still too many question marks with their level of play. Not to say they aren’t capable at becoming a high ranked squad, I just know 100 Thieves want something a bit more certain.

What do Fnatic need to change?

It’s pretty simple in my opinion. They need to replace Xizt or have someone else in-game lead. That one change alone will do wonders for them. 

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