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CSGO YouTuber Anomaly explains how he sold a weapon skin for $32,000

Published: 7/Feb/2020 12:47

by Kamil Malinowski


Popular content creator and CSGO personality Ludwig ‘Anomaly’ Lagerstedt revealed the details behind an insane skin sale worth $32,000. 

Weapon skins are a hot commodity in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with some of the rarest ones selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Very few people ever get their hands on these incredibly rare skins, but the ones that are lucky enough to find one in a case can make massive profits. However, traders have to be incredibly careful to not get scammed, and Anomaly has revealed the lengthy process of selling one of his most valuable skins.

CSGO allows players to use different designs on weapons, some of which can be worth thousands.

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In a YouTube video, the Swede explained the whole process, from first finding the skin, to the lengthy auctions, and finally the sale.

“The first step I did is research the value. What you need to do first is research similar skins… look at previous sales, speak to people who know about skins. Then I got in contact with some high tier skin collectors,” he began, before revealing that he held a lengthy auction with tens of thousands on the line.

“[The auction] started off with like 10 people. The first guy said $10,000, then another $11,000, and it just kept going up. The winner came off as being very, very, very rich, he had a translator because he didn’t understand English… it was crazy.”


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In the end, Anomaly didn’t feel confident that the buyer was legitimate, and explained how he ensured that he wouldn’t get scammed.

“I ended up telling him that there’s no way I’m sending the skin first… and I said bank transfer specifically because there’s many different ways to refund a transfer online, but with banks, you cannot,” he said. 

The trader did actually agree to the terms, shocking Ludwig as he could have easily taken the $32,000 and not sent the skin.

Valve / broskins
Anomaly’s AK-47 Blue Gem, named for its iconic blue tint, sold for a whopping $32,000.

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However, Anomaly did send the skin and safely completed the trade, earning himself an impressive $32,000.


The reason the weapon was so valuable is because of its insane rarity. Players have opened millions of cases throughout CS:GO’s lifespan and only eight similar ones have been spotted in-game. On top of that, only two of those were in as good condition as Anomaly’s, making it quite the collector’s item.