CS:GO: When will ‘new Cache’ be finished? Map creator drops new hint

L: Valve

CS:GO map creator FMPONE has hinted that the rework of Cache might finally be complete.

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Cache was removed from the active duty map pool on March 28, 2019 and somewhat controversially replaced with Vertigo, which was added for the first time instead of bringing Cobblestone back into the pool.

Since Cache was removed, original map creator FMPONE has been working on an overhaul for the map, and it seems that it might finally be ready.

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FMPONE has been dropping hints about the progress for several months, but his latest update is simply the “you know I had to do it to ‘em” meme alongside a link to his previous post on the subject, which fans have taken as confirmation that the work is complete.

Exactly when fans can expect the rework to appear in-game remains to be seen, although hopefully if it is complete it should appear relatively soon.

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The map’s return to the competitive map pool is another matter, however. Dust II, for instance, was removed in February, 2017 and the remake arrived in October of the same year, but it wasn’t until April of 2018 that it returned to active duty.

At the very earliest, it’s certain that Cache won’t be joining the competitive map pool until the StarLadder Berlin Major is complete on September 8, but even then map pool updates are typically far less frequent, with more than a year separating the removal of Cache from the previous active duty update.

ValveCache is expected to get a major overhaul when it returns.
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Cache was one of the more popular maps in CS:GO, having survived in the map pool for years without a rework due to players rarely calling for it to be overhauled, while many other maps have undergone much more significant changes in the same time frame.

Now that its time has finally come to be fully updated, many players will undoubtedly be keen to see exactly what new Cache looks like, especially as it’s being designed by the map’s original creator.