CS:GO update for December 11 helps Prime players to avoid free-to-play spam accounts - Patch notes - Dexerto

CS:GO update for December 11 helps Prime players to avoid free-to-play spam accounts – Patch notes

Published: 12/Dec/2018 15:58 Updated: 12/Dec/2018 17:01

by Ross Deason


The developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have released new update that features numerous quality of life improvements after the major free to play and Danger Zone update from December 6.

This latest update, which went live on December 11, is a far cry from the massive changes that were implemented a week prior. We don’t get a new battle royale mode but we do get a number of bug fixes that should make the overall experience of playing much better.

The key line that has caught the attention of many veteran players refers to the sv_prime_accounts_only setting, which will now work properly. This means that prime members will be able to choose community servers that are only open to other prime players and avoid some of the ‘spam’ free-to-play accounts that have been appearing.


Danger Zone has been a popular addition with CS:GO’s more casual fans.

Other changes include a fix for the precache error when loading into the Blacksite map and Danger Zone HUD glitches.

The full patch notes for the December 11 CS:GO update can be found below.

  • Fixed precache error when loading Blacksite map on clients with default settings.
  • Fixed Danger Zone exploration money progress HUD indicator from jittering when switching tablets or spectator targets.
  • Fixed viewmodel animation interpolation error observed on some high-latency clients.
  • Adjusted first-person rappel animation to accommodate widescreen aspect ratios.
  • Fixed a regression in weapons equipped by certain community training maps logic.
  • Fixed an error model appearing when applying a name tag to inventory items.
  • Fixed particle materials for rupturing money bags to match the money stack materials.
  • Fixed sv_prime_accounts_only setting not having effect on certain community servers.
  • Fixed searching tooltip showing incorrect prime status for lobby.