CS:GO teams & players made “over $70m” from stickers in last 12 months, Valve says

Luís Mira

As the 10th anniversary of CS:GO nears, Valve has praised the health of the esport’s ecosystem , saying that teams and players have earned over $70 million from in-game items in the past year.

In a blog post celebrating CS:GO’s upcoming 10th anniversary on August 21, Valve said that the game “is stronger than ever”, pointing to its massive player base and recent viewership records as signs that the iconic FPS title has withstood the test of time.

The developer has also shared more details about how much money the community has poured into the esport’s ecosystem in recent times. According to it, “over $70 million” had been raised in the past 12 months alone through in-game items.

In-game items from the Stockholm and Antwerp Majors have generated over $70 million for orgs and players

Valve added team stickers in 2014 before the EMS One Katowice Major as a way to support the growth of the esport, with organizations entitled to a portion of proceeds from the sale of sticker capsules.

A year later, Valve also began releasing signature stickers, featuring players’ autographs, before every Major as a way to directly support the teams.

Ahead of PGL Major Stockholm 2021 — the first Major in two years because of the global health crisis —, Valve only released signatures from the 40 players that reached the playoffs. The decision was widely criticized by the CS:GO community, with Valve dropping such restrictions for the Antwerp Major in May 2022.

CS:GO fans will have another chance to support their favorite teams and players through the purchase of in-game items in two months’ time as ESL will host the second Major of 2022 in Rio de Janeiro.